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The modern day organizations are always looking for optimizing their performance in every sector. Machine data management is one of the most crucial sectors that companies should look to manage with utmost care. Logmatic ( has emerged as one of the best operations data platform and the logging best practice software.


It provides you a complete overview of different things happening on your system environment in real time. It eventually creates the dynamic analysis and lets the user to recognize the improvements in the business.

Logmatic – A Brief is the perfect log analyzer which assists the organizations in enhancing their business performance and software by leveraging the machine data. It channels machine events, metrics, and all logs into a single hub.

This tool is used by some of the top organizations of the world including BlaBlaCars, Canal+ and few other popular organizations. Let us learn more about this fabulous tool. features

Logmatic has gained a number of big names as customers by providing some of the topmost services to its users. The java logging and python logging have also been integrated to its interface. Log management has become simpler after coming up of this tool in the market. Here are some of the coolest features offered by Logmatic tool:

Easy to Setup

Logmatic runs on cloud and this is the reason why things are saved instantly even when multiple users are working on same file. It is really easy to merge the log s and centralize them into this awesome log analysis platform. The machine events, heroku logs, and metrics can be sent from anywhere. You can select the following with a log shipper:

  • Scale on demand without robotic overage fines.
  • Data can be managed using logical fields, tag sets, and metrics.

Enrichment & Parsing

The irregular and raw data can be converted into the meaningful and organized data using this software. This log software can recognize the patterns and allows you to run your own regulations. The requests and transactions can be tracked by utilizing the dynamic tagging for cluttering the information.

  • Automatic Recognition: Apache, Syslog, Firewalls, JSON events,Nginx, key/value patterns, etc.
  • Editable Grok parsers: Testing, validate, deploy right away, directly from Logmatic’s UI.
  • Integrated IP Geolocation & User-Agent Parsing: Identify the visitors’ browsers, Operating System, and the devices.
  • Custom Tagging: Divide into group elements and categories that cut across the technology stack.

Commanding Investigation Abilities

You can view all your main logs and can filter the machine data utilizing different attributes. The proper entries can be viewed at one go. You can easily inspect your logs and resolve the current events. Here are different searches and logs that can be obtained:

  • Granular search down to the log level
  • Full text granular searched down to log level
  • Real time search and actual time logs
  • Various complex search queries like AND, OR, exclusions, wildcards, fuzzy searches and lot more.

Flexible Alerting

You can easily find the deviations and the unusual behaviors. The unusual things that are happening at present can be noticed instantly within few seconds.

  • The flexible alerts can be made on the basis of logs analyzed with user defined thresholds or search queries.
  • You can get the alerts through Slack, email, PagerDuty, or the HipChat.
  • The reports can be generated hourly, daily, weekly or on monthly basis.
  • The alerts can be received through template web hooks and you can be notified by Logmatic’s log management software on receiving the servers.

The Bottom Line

This log management software can be utilized for automating the processes and collaborating different company departments together. Though its setup is quite tricky, but Logmatic offers high speed, adaptability and team support over the cloud to all its users.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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