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5 Best Luxury Travel Apps Available

Here are the best Luxury Travel Apps. Virtually everyone today has a smartphone, iPod or tablet. With the myriad of mobile devices out in the world today, app creators are catering to a wide-range of clientele. While apps used to be a past time for gamers and time-wasters, they are now tools for the masses.

Apps allow us to do everything from organize our lives to get us to our destinations safely and on-time. Here are five apps that you need to install on your mobile device before your next luxury vacation:

1. will detect your location via your phone’s GPS capabilities, which you can then use as your pick-up location. You can select your drop-off point or choose to hire a car on an hourly basis. More than 18,000 cities around the world are serviced by, making it one of the best limo-rental apps on the market.

Additionally, you can scroll through photos of available cars, finding the perfect ride quickly and conveniently.

2. Red Butler

For a monthly fee, Red Butler acts as your pocket concierge, giving you access to an amazing amount of perks. You can request room upgrades, priority seating, complimentary champagne, private meetings with chefs, two-for-one drinks and 30 percent off meals while you’re out and about on your luxury vacation. VIP privileges can be had at Gordon Ramsay, Tao Las Vegas, W Hotels and hundreds of venues around the world.

3. Marquis Jets

The next time you’re thinking of flying to your destination, skip the commercial airlines and go private. The app allows you to find a private jet by browsing through photos of the jets on offer. You can then narrow your choice by scrolling through photos of the interiors of the planes that you’ve chosen to take a closer look. If you’ve ever wanted to fly like a rock star, this is the app that will help you do it.

4. Zagat

The Zagat guide is the ultimate restaurant resource and a must-have for the luxury traveler. With the app, you will have access to reviews and ratings of over 30,000 restaurants. Ratings are given for food, decor, service and cost, and you can read well thought-out, written reviews for any restaurant that strikes your fancy. If you love to eat, and want to do it in a comfortable, classy restaurant, Zagat is the app for you.

5. Amble

While you’re walking down the streets of London, tap the Amble icon and read what the rich and famous have to say about restaurants, shops and attractions near your location. Amble app will give you travel tips and give you advice based on short walks from your current location.

Though the app doesn’t connect to any other social media platforms, it’s still a great way to connect with those who have walked your current path.

If you’ve ever hoped to travel like the ultra-rich and famous, these apps will help you do just that. From booking fabulous limos to helping you jet through the sky on a luxury aircraft, these apps are the ultimate in travel assistance and advice. If you’re planning a vacation, install these apps on your mobile device immediately and travel like you’ve always dreamed that you should.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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