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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Developers Preview is now Available for Download

Surprisingly and without rumours that he anticipated, Apple today launched Mac OS X Mountain Lion for developers, the new version of OS X Mountain Lion, originally released in July last year.

This would be the OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8, you see the light at only seven months of the launch of its predecessor. The system is a “developers preview”, so that it is not complete. The version for the general public will arrive in this mid-year 2012. Overall, Apple seeks integration between their platforms, merging the operating system even more with IOS.

OS X Mountain Lion incorporates several features that allow you to synchronize and work together with other devices in the company, such as iPhones and iPads.


 icloud and shared documents

  • On the side of icloud, deepens the synchronization with the cloud of the company on the block, including iWork documents, which will automatically storing copies in the cloud, similar to what you already do in iOS 5 with Pages.
  • In Finder you will see a real-time list of all documents stored in icloud, depending on application. You can create document folders by simply dragging one another, very similar to IOS.
  • You can edit a document in Mountain Lion and then an iPad, and changes alone are synchronized through the cloud.


  • Mountain Lion adds a button to “share” in many applications, which allows for example to send a URL by mail or Messages from Safari. Same with photos, videos, documents, etc.. Share is not limited to applications produced by Apple – so far Vimeo and Flickr have partnered to work the same way.
  • Apple will provide developers an API for this feature, so you also can use it.

Integrated Twitter

  • Perhaps one of the most interesting things, Apple joined Twitter in Mountain Lion as it is integrated into IOS, ie you can share anything on Twitter directly from the operating system, only a few clicks.
  • It works much like walking in IOS. Need to access your account from Mountain Lion, and no client to download any special. Twitter work “in the background” so you can share what happens when you want. Thus, there is no way yet to read the @ replies or DMs, but this is expected to be integrated to the Notification Center in the final version.

Messages, Reminders and Notes

  • Added the application “Messages”, which replaces iChat with some changes and a new interface. The application meets chat messages and messages from IMessage, as FaceTime conversations.
  • Messages is available today on Mac App Store for use in Lion. The final version will come with the official launch of Mountain Lion.
  • Mountain Lion also adds Reminders, an application for making lists included in iOS 5. Also synchronized between devices in the cloud.
  • Notes also included in this OS, but added the option to add photos. You can put notes on your desktop (as a post-it). It also works with icloud.


  • One of the important features included in IOS is the choice of notifications “push” that appear as they occur. This also added to OS X now, through a “Notification Center”, bringing together all messages. The notification center appear to the right of your screen when you click a special button that will be in the top right corner of the menu. Slide two fingers on the touch trackpad also lets you open the center, which displays all the notifications that you have-
  • You can receive two types of notifications: alerts and “banners”. Alerts will appear in a pop up, and you close them or read them. The banners will be displayed only 5 seconds in the upper right corner of your screen, then disappear. You can configure what you want for what kind of ads for each application.

Game Center and Air Play

  • This application also jumps from IOS to OS X. This “social gaming network” has more than 100 million registered users, according to Apple, with over 20,000 games available for IOS. This should start to have support for Mac on.
  • Somehow, this should enable people to play between Mac-iPhone-iPad, regardless of the device.
  • AirPlay also comes to OS X: If you can project your desktop monitor to an Apple TV via AirPlay, turning the TV into an extra monitor.


  • Apple integrated a new security system called “Gatekeeper”, which amounts to a kind of recognition from the company that really is malware threats against the system. Gatekeeper delivers user control over the types of applications that can be installed on the computer. Give three options: allow applications anywhere (it works now), allow only applications on the Mac App Store, or allow Mac applications App Store and developers identified.
  • The third option will be enabled by default to come into the operating system, which means you can not install any applications you download just Internet on your machine unless you change this setting.
  • One issue that is sure to be controversial is that to be a “developer identified” need to actually be a developer for the Mac App Store, which costs $ 99 per year. No need to sell apps through this platform, but Apple will have to “identified” you have to be on your list.


  • The address bar in Safari now allows you to find (as in Chrome)
  • Mail now has an area “VIP” where you can make your most important contacts (such as Priority Gmail Inbox)
  • He joined a box to search Launchpad
  • There seems to be changes in speed, power consumption and boot time, at least in the development version.

Download OS X Mountain Lion Devlopers Preview

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