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Meet Your Unique Communication Needs with Amcom

Amcom provides the video and video solutions which are customized to meet the unique communication requirements. Based on the individual needs, Amcom can provide the best of of its class hosted telephony solution which is a traditional on-premise solution or can replace your existing ISDN services with SIP lines

On-Premise facility by Amcom is provided for businesses with the advantages of an on-premise communication solution. This possible by the CISCO unified communications manager, which is a market leading platform enabling business to collaborate through voice, video, web and mobility?


The fully customized solution by Amcom is made specifically to meet the requirements of your business. It includes the advance features of Telepresence, Instant Messaging and Conferencing.

Below are few advantages, features and functionality of SIP solutions from Amcom

1. You start an instant messaging session, begin a phone call or easily initialize a video-conferencing call with a simple click of a button.

2. Using a single, unified communications infrastructure you can extend your video capabilities and scope.

3. Functionalities can be enhanced easily with reception consoles, enhanced call control, call recording and Cisco unified contact centre express or UCCX.

4. It increases the efficiency by providing scalable and upgradeable network which meets the changing needs of your business.

5. Adds, moves and changes can be easily monitored and administered with fast pace and much more efficiently.

6. Productivity can be improved further with ease of access by all users without any dependency on the location.

7. You will notice a dramatic reduction in the associated cost. With simplify voice systems to cut costs and streamline provisioning and maintenance, cost will eventually fall down.

8. Amcom On-Premise has the ability to be delivered as a Turn-Key or fully managed solution

9. Cost savings can further be enhanced by making use of Amcom SIP lines, which are used for connectivity.

10. There is a massive reduction in the risk as the Amcom SIP solutions are created in such a way that it will enable the business continuity even if there is a case of outage or disaster.

11.  With the use of industry leading Cisco technology, you can fully rely on the continuity of the services from Amcom.

12. It is a certified Cisco Gold Partner,hence Amcom can provide capabilities and commitment to customer success which is proven.

Amcom provides Hosted PBX which is a high definition voice and video platform with all the functionalities of a traditional phone system. It has the additional features which can enable you to connect much more effectively through voice, video, instant messaging, conferencing, calling centres and mobile VoIp.

By using a 100% customized, Hosted PBC solution, you ensure the access to the latest features and functions at a fixed monthly fee. This will save a massive amount of cost in hardware upgrades. The technology provides by Amcom help your business to run without being in the centre of its operation.

SIP Lines by Amcom, which is also known as SIP Trunks or Business Trunks can connect your existing Private Branch eXchange (PBX) or IP enabled PBX (IP PBX) to the Amcom network, replacing your costly legacy PSTN/ISDN links.

When the connection to the Amcom network through the SIP lines is achieved, you get access to a suit of high-performance, hosted voice and video services at the most affordable cost as compared to the cost involve in the upgradation of your traditional phone system, also known as PBX. These SIP Lines are available from 5 Lines to 1000 Lines and can be fully customized and adjusted according to your business needs.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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