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MIG Develop Car Insurance Comparison App for UK

Digital technology company MIG (Mobile Interactive Group) has produced the world’s first car insurance comparison app for use on the iPhone and iPad. The app has been developed for, the UK’s leading price comparison website, and is currently only available to British motorists.

MIG is well known in the mobile technology market, with the award winning company having previously worked on apps and mobile sites for renowned clients such as Twitter, Facebook, BBC and Samsung. The company began consultancy work for in early 2011 with the final product being made available to British consumers on the 18th November.

The app has been designed for ease of use, with users only needing to enter information about themselves which is relevant for car insurance quotes on one occasion upon downloading the app when they will be asked to create a MoneySupermarket account. This information will then be reused on subsequent occasions, saving users both time and effort when retrieving quotes in the future.

Inputting information about a specific car has been made even easier; with users simply having to take a photograph of the vehicle registration plate. This is perhaps the most impressive feature on the app, as it then retrieves information which is stored in the DVLA database in association with the registration plate, saving users the time and effort which would be required to type in information such as the vehicle make and model.

Upon completing these two steps, users are then provided with a range of quotes from over 100 car insurance companies that are featured on the price comparison website. Each of the quotes have a “click to call” button located alongside them which users can use to contact prospective insurers to arrange for a policy to be put in place or simple to make an enquiry.

MIG’s client services director David Balko hailed the collaboration between the two companies; stating that the car insurance app “utilises all of the Apple functionality, combines great designs and has grouped key customer questions together into groups, to turn what was once a complicated solution into something that is simple, easy and effective for all MoneySupermarket customers to use” insurance expert Julie Fisher was equally as complementary of the final product, claiming that the app “has made it even easier for people to find the right car cover for the best possible price – allowing people to compare a huge range of quotes quickly and easily.”

The app is currently available for download either on the website or via iTunes. Although the system is only usable by British motorists, Fisher says that she expects other comparison websites to develop similar pieces of software in the near future which take advantage of the development smart phone market: “We hope that by having a great car insurance buying experience over a smart phone or tablet for our customers the industry will soon follow our lead and optimise their sites to support those who want to buy their car cover while they’re on the move.”

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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