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One Million Dollars Goes To The Spool Browser Extension

What does Spool have to offer a mobile user? They have plenty, and they apparently have met some “deep pockets” who think so as well. They were just awarded one million dollars to continue their work on their important browser extension. Read on to find out more about Spool and why you may want to use them.

A New Way To Save Content

If you are browsing the internet on your PC or Mac and find something you would like to put on your smartphone, how do you do about doing that? You could hook up the smartphone to USB from the computer. You could use a common Wi-Fi connection and some local area network wrangling. Or you could use Spool. Spool saves your content to your computer, but it also sends them to your mobile device. Sending them to a smartphone is now easy using the browser instead of a cable, Wi-Fi, or other method.

How Does Spool Work?

This browser extension is similar to Dropbox, but the user does not save files themselves. Spool does it for them. Clicking on the Spool button sends a message to them that you want the content from that web page for yourself. Next, something called a “Spoolbot” goes to the page you selected and take the best content.

The Spoolbot is not located in your computer, it is located on the Spool servers. If your device does not support flash, no problem, you can still view saved videos in spite of that weakness. The content is downloaded to your smartphone and therefore can be played later without an internet connection. The extension is created for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

There May Be Danger Ahead

As cool as Spool sounds, the upcoming SOPA legislation is something dead set against things like this. Not only will Spool allow one person to send online content to their smartphone, it is also a social software. That means it will allow a user to send the content to their friends as well.

This group sharing is just what the movie industries hate. SOPA has not passed yet, and may not, but here is hoping they do not hear about Spool.

Who Were The Supporters?

Those who provided the million dollars of support are Raymond Tonsing, David King, the Founder of Palantir, Charles River Ventures, Kevin Donahue, Bill Lohse, Vivi Nevo, Elad Gil, Deep Nishar, Matt Ocko and Nils Johnson.

They come from such prestigious places as LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and other famous online web sites. Spool is investing the money in servers to help their idea have some backup for users. To become a Spool user it is necessary to request an invite at their site. It is free for now.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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