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Why Do You Need a Mobile Satellite Phones

In the world of technology, the invention of mobile phones is probably the most important as well as commendable discovery ever. Ever since mobile phones were discovered, the whole concept of long distance communication and exchange of messages has gone through a lot of changes.


One such imminent invention is the creation of mobile satellite phones. The term Mobile Satellite Phone refers to the type of mobile phone that automatically connects to the satellites orbiting around the earth, rather than the common method of connecting to the terrestrial cell sites.


The best part about these phones is that they offer all the functionalities that are part of the working of a usual mobile phone. For instance, you can send text messages, make voice calls, access low bandwidth internet as well as perform other common operations that are also part of a normal terrestrial mobile phone.

One of the most important features of a mobile satellite phone is that it will either cover the entire earth or just few specific regions, depending on the architecture that you want to have in your system. Hence, depending on the purpose as well as usage of your mobile phone, you can select the range required for your device.

These mobile satellite phones used to come with an antenna and they weighed more than what a usual mobile phone weighs. Apart from this, these are available in a number of different sizes and prices as well. Thanks to the constant evolution in technology, these satellite phones are now becoming smaller in size and also look somewhat similar to a regular mobile phone these days.

A lesser known fact is that almost every function carried out on a smart phone can also be done using any of the modern prototypes mobile satellite phones.

Satellite Phone Iridium

While there are lots of companies which provide mobile satellite phones to their customers, but the most widely used as well as important type of it is the Satellite Phone Iridium. These phones are comparatively cheaper, but work as efficiently as any other satellite phone in the market.

Created by Iridium Communications Inc, these satellite phones offer high quality voice as well as text message facility to the users. Not only these, the data coverage provided by these satellites are also commendable and hence, it is being widely used by people.

With the introduction of Iridium, this company has created a brand for itself in the field of satellite communication and has also managed to take over the market, all credit going to their innovative approach towards the subject of using satellite for the purpose of effective communication.

The use of Satellite Phones Iridium is beneficial due to their ability to facilitate daily mission- based activities, real time activities as well as for providing various different modes of communication as well. Below are some of the extensive uses of an Iridium based mobile satellite phone:

  • These are most appropriate for large scale industries, such as aviation, marine, and military, emergency, humanitarian as well as government.
  • For carrying out heavy duty tasks, such as mining, gas and oil refinery, forestry, transportation and many other similar kinds of utilities.
  • In the United States, the subscribers of the Defense Department also get various facilities through Iridium.
  • Various governmental as well as civil departments also draw their services via Iridium in many of the world’s developed countries.

The extensive use of Iridium Satellite Phone is the reason why Iridium has been successfully selling its services as well as solutions to various value- added and non- profit dealers as well.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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