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Netflix Losing Ground as Technology Advances

Netflix is in a spiral of destruction that the company can’t seem to pull itself out of. First, they started charging extra for their DVD delivery service, which angered customers who revolted against an astonishing price hike. Next, the company decided to name their new DVD delivery service Qwikster, in what can only be seen as a way to fully self-destruct any credibility they once had.

Now the streaming service, on which they are placing all of their bets, is failing to maintain the popular titles people want to see. With a shoddy business model, will Netflix be able to keep their business above ground?

One of the main reasons people subscribe to the Netflix DVD option is because they can access the latest and most popular titles quickly. The streaming service that Netflix used to provide for free with the mail service, was only seen as a compliment to the DVD service. The company has tried to switch the roles of their two services, but has failed to include the latest movies and TV shows.

Along with the debacle of not including the most popular titles, the company is also losing much of its streaming library at an alarming rate. The Starz company’s contract with Netflix is ending shortly which means the service will lose films from their extensive library as well as Disney and Paramount flicks.

People are not turning to DVD’s for entertainment as much as they have in the past. Devices like the iPad and Samsung galaxy s2 cell phone are not coming equipped with DVD inputs anymore. Netflix needs to up the game with their catalog collection to avoid losing customers who will turn to other services for better selection.

One of the things Netflix throws at its viewers en-masse are independent documentaries and television shows from IFC and AMC. This programming is much cheaper to purchase and fills out the majority of Netflix’s streaming content collection. There is a legitimate market for this material, but if Netflix wants to maintain their wide appeal it just won’t cut it.

Netflix has a very short time to adapt their product in the ever-growing technological landscape. If they don’t change and evolve their streaming service into something more relevant, companies like Blockbuster, Hulu, and Wal-Mart might start to cut into some of their revenue stream. The business Netflix started has evolved and changed right underneath their feet.

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Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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