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Nokia Lumia 920: The Best Windows Mobile

As far as smart phones are concerned, Nokia Lumia 920 is a product that has achieved the ultimate beauty in its unique design. The glowing luster over its surface makes the mornings beautiful and this is why, it has to be a choice of the people who love to see the striking things around them.

The exterior polycarbonate plastic body available in a range of colors increases its worth, whereas while considering its size, you can easily put it in your pocket even if you are wearing skinny jeans. Its dimension is 130.3 X 70.8 X 10.7 mm,while its weightis only 185g. This smartness makes it extremely popular that it becomes difficult for the company to meet the demand in time.

Nokia Lumia 920

Carl Zeiss lens for the camera in Nokia Lumia 920 takes the fabulous pictures without changing the settings again and again. Beautifully placed in the skeleton of the cell, this camera comes out to be more powerful and better than the cameras of competitors’ mobiles.

No matter, whether you are taking the pictures in the dim light or making the video in the flashy lights, results would be tremendous at the end of both cases. It also provides its users with a shutter key for the camera that can be pressed for a while and camera activates even if the mobile was on the sleep mode.

Xbox music app in this phone makes the music more interesting with live tiles that have not been attained by many other cell phones yet. In addition to this, navigation app developed in the Lumia920 is a way better than many other apps in different mobiles.

When comparing it with the apple’s iPhones, Nokia Lumia 920 leads in this comparison in many ways. It has less numbers of apps installed in it, but these do everything that a person wants out of his phone. This selective range of the apps and softwares in the Nokia Lumia 920 make this mobile phone as the best choice for its advanced level processing speed and quick responses.

Display of the Nokia Lumia 920 is considered to be a large sized display screen that is 4.5 inches and supports HD 768 by 1280 pixel resolution with a density of 332 ppi.

Nokia Lumia 920 offers its users with the most admired Modern UI that makes this phone more stylish and clean. This Modern UI can be resized for the sizes of the tiles and many more customization has been introduced in it. Users are just a swipe away from the main menu. This customization approach in the Nokia Lumia 920 attracts millions of the customers from all over the globe.

The best feature of Nokia Lumia 920 is that it provides the facility of all office documents available on the phone. In this way, it becomes a complete device for the professional executives as well as for the students who have to make notes frequently.

In the last but not the least, you have the option of going to the Marketplace in this phone to browse a large number of unexplored apps and games to enjoy. Customers can browse for the latest offerings in the Marketplace for free. In this way, it provides customers with a chance to get into the world where nothing makes you feel bored. As far as pricing is concerned, Nokia Lumia 920 has got all the characteristics that make it perfectly reasonable for premium prices. But still, it competes with the competitors’ products well with reasonable prices and premium quality.

What else one can expect after such a long list of the remarkable features in Nokia Lumia 920? Obviously, nothing remains behind. Being operated by the world’s best OS, the Windows, and powered by the Lithium Ion battery that lasts long, this cell phone has all the rights to lead the cellular industry. It will no doubt lead the users’ attention to the new era.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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