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Different Options to Choose From When Picking a SD Card

Secure Digital (SD) memory cards or SD Card are one of the most common memory card options available, and they are utilized by everything from digital cameras to cell phones. These cards come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and the item that you are using the SD card for will play the largest role in determining which SD card is right for you.


Standard SD

The standard SD card has been one of the most commonly used memory cards in the world since 2007. It can store up to two GB of data, and it is the card style that is typically preferred by manufacturers of point-and-shoot digital cameras.


The SDHC memory cards are the same physical size as the standard SD cards, but they have a high-capacity that can store up to 32 GB of data. SDHC cards do not work with older electronics that were designed to only accommodate SD cards, but newer electronics that utilize the standard SD card size are typically compatible with SDHC.

If a consumer is given the choice between the two card styles, then they should almost always go with the SDHC format. The only viable reason to choose standard SD is if the purchaser takes such a minimal amount of photographs that it would be illogical to invest in a larger memory card.


MiniSD cards were created for cell phones, and they provide users with the same speed, power and storage capacity as a standard SD card. Although they were designed to be used in smaller electronics, consumers can purchase a MiniSD adapter to use the card in any port that was made for the standard SD card. This versatility makes some people prefer the MiniSD format, but realistically, most people will need a separate memory card for both their cell phone and their digital camera.


The MicroSD was created to meet the growing need to save space while designing cell phones. It works exactly like the standard SD and MiniSD cards, and it can also be converted for usage in multiple devices by utilizing an adapter.


The SDXC memory cards provide an expanded storage capacity of up to two TB. Just like the SDHC card, the SDXC was designed to fit into the same memory card slots as the standard SD card, but older electronics and operating systems may not be compatible with it. Individuals who will be using their camera to take a high volume of photographs will be able to store all of them on an SDXC card.

Which One Should I Use?

If your camera is compatible with standard SD, SDHC and SDXC cards, then you will need to decide which card makes the most sense for you. Your budget will probably play a major role in the decision-making process as each card is in a different price range. Even if the price is not a concern, however, there are several other variables to consider.

Most people would instantly be drawn to the SDXC card based on the sheer size of its memory capacity, but it is important to realize that you are risking as much as you are gaining. For example, if you go on vacation with one SDXC card and it becomes corrupt or damaged, you will lose all of your images.

If you go with multiple SDHC cards instead, then the same scenario would only cause you to lose the images on one of your memory cards. Overall, you must decide what is more important to you: convenience or the safety of your images.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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