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PGPTools : The Best Encoder of Text Messages on Your Mobile Device

Everyone is having a private life or some of us are having a business related life that is worth protecting from others. With the evolution of mobile market and technology around us, we have come across to a point from where we just have to look to our phone for every solution of life.

In the same context SJ software has recently launched a great app named PGPTools for android that provides you the feature of encrypting your message and also decrypting it too using PGP keys. This app is offered by SJ software that is having a great hold over the android market already.

This app helps you to keep your personal or business related messages, safe and secured from the world with whom you are not willing to share them, specially the well trained hacking world.


The best thing about this app is that it relaxes you from using other unsafe methods of internet to secure your messages as this particular app provides you the same thing on your cell phone only and is also much more secure as it is based on the PGP encryption standard that haven’t been cracked since 1991 to date, which means around 2 decades of rule over the encryption world. This particular thing makes this product a much reliable one.

PGPTools is unique in many other ways as well. One of them is that it encrypts your message using PGP keys that can be unique for every other message and also can be protected using a unique password as well. This particular thing makes your message pretty secure, almost next to impossible to crack for the hackers. It also allows you to simply import or export the PGP keys to other users as well without creating any problem.

How to use PGPTools app?

  • Firstly download it from any of the platform you like, it’s available everywhere and supports every platform like Mac & iOS, WinPhone, Android, Win8-10.
  • Encrypt the message you want. It could be done using a simple click over your cell, nothing complicated.
  • Generate the PGP key. This app also allows you to select the key length among 1024, 2048 or 4069 bit.
  • Export the key to the receiver and also send the encrypted message through e-mail, SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Jabber or ICQ.
  • Now comes the work of the receiver, he should decrypt the message.

The best feature that makes this one stand out of the crowd is that this app is very easy to use as it is designed to be user friendly. Every feature of this app is as simple as it could be easily handled by anyone who is having the basic niche over the smartphone’s usage. Every feature of this app is a one touch function and hence is pretty quick.

In the world of confidentiality, security is always been a major concern for every smartphone user and hence this app stands at the top on the priority basic of them all. This app is difficult to be hacked because of so many layers of protection, that makes it 100% secure and hack free.

This is a paid app over the market and is actually made for targeted users; users those are having some personal or business related messages that needed security from the hacking world. It is not a kind of app that everyone would love to use but for those who need it, it is the only safest choice available in the market.

Download PGPTools for Android

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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