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Pipe: Transfer Large Files between Your Facebook Contacts

If we concentrate our communications social media network Facebook, we need to know that despite the many changes, improvements and new features, Facebook itself does not provide enough of the tools that allow full communication with our own contacts. One of the things that prevents us is larger attachments to send to some of our contacts.

Thus, it appears Pipe, a new service that was presented in London at last Web Summit, and allows us to send files upto 1 GB in size to our contacts. Unlike other services with similar functionality, the service uses the infrastructure of Facebook or Pipe. Just use the Adobe RTMFP protocol, aimed at communication from user to user through Flash and AIR applications that allow file uploads in the system of the recipient.

Furthermore, it should be noted that an application is already available for IOS and will soon see its counterpart for Android users. For now, we can only wait for the invitation we request prior to use of this service will be based on Facebook to reach a larger share of users.

Link: Pipe

Pankaj Gaikar
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