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The process of outsourcing is transferring the business processes to the third party vendors. The outsourcing service provider takes over the responsibility to look after the running projects of the company efficiently.

IT outsourcing

There are different types of outsourcing’s offered by different providers. Most of the companies having higher workload hire an outsourcing service to reduce the workload and get their work done on time. The fees charged by the outsourcing company depend on the services it offers to the company hiring it.

The outsourcing process generally falls in two categories- The Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). These two categories can further be divided into different sub categories.

Nearly, every business process could be transferred to outsourcing company. Some of the widely outsourced processes by the companies are- marketing & accounts, switch board, manufacturing, web design & maintenance, editing, logistics & distribution, IT maintenance, web hosting etc.

There are number of reasons why company needs an outsourcing service. Some of the common reasons may be- the company has too much of work, or the company do not have efficient man force to handle the task, they may want to extend their business or any other reason.

There are too many companies that provide outsourcing services to other companies at cheaper rates. It might be very difficult to choose the right outsourcing company for your business. But, doing a good research online will help you out to find the right outsourcing company for your business.

One of such outsourcing company is pliXos is a great company that can handle enormous number of projects from different companies efficiently. It provides expert professionals to do the task efficiently and easily in specified deadline. It is one of the best outsourcing companies that is highly recommended to people.

pliXos also provides the solutions to optimize the globally distributed software services. This company offers the customers a tool assisted evaluation and the analysis of global sourcing projects. takes the responsibility to deliver the quality work to the clients with high quality solutions to their projects. started in 2009 is currently working on sourcing lifecycle management. It is moving towards the management tool that will support ongoing observations and will support social components for sourcing the relationships between company and clients.

The overall objective of Sourcing Relationship Tracker is to create a multi dimensional instrument, which is scientifically grounded to measure relationship quality. The Out-Sourcing Relationship Tracker will be used to collect the data in the interaction between client staff and vendor. This will allow holistic and transparent monitoring of sourcing relationship over the time. pliXos had become the global sourcing platform and most of the people around the world are opting for it.

The small and medium sized enterprises are in position to get SW-projects implemented on time. pliXos had also launched B2B marketplace for the SW services taking no cost from the users. This will benefit the small and medium firms effectively.

The conceptual phases and design of pliXos marketplace is supported by venture capital investors as well as funded projects from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. It comes with a good range of valuable features.

It includes the calculation of individual outsourcing business and the complete governance of project success with the help of pliXos marketplace SaaS tool. pliXos is one of the best outsourcing service and marketplace for different companies.

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