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How to Prevent Hacking in Your Twitter Account

Twitter is a strikingly pretty platform that invites most of the hackers with an intention to spam people with virus, malicious contents and other fake links and stuff. It is important to take steps in controlling the hacking activities that are too much involved in damaging your twitter accounts. Protection to the twitter account at the right time is important to keep off hackers and crackers from getting access to your accounts. Here we discuss some of the tips that are to be followed in making the protective security to your twitter account.

Protecting your account

1. Select a password that is too strong as the hackers are well versed in trying out easily guessable password that is easy to crack your account instantly. Go for harder passwords that are too tough to guess upon that are longer and with not less than 6 characters. Keep you password secure and keep changing in regular period of time to keep your account free from password hacking invasion.

2. Update you account settings to stop untrusted or anonymous people from accessing or navigating over your information on the twitter. Go to “Account settings” then to “connections” under that click “Revoke Access”. By this method you can stop third party applications that most of the people go for including Facebook, Seismic, and Tweet Deck, etc.

3. Keep up secrecy in you username and password such that you don’t let others know about it. Go for a periodical check on your system for hazardous malwares and viruses that affect most of the operating function in your system as well as you account. Installing secure software is more important for your PC. Do not allow your browser to save or remember you password to your twitter account as anyone using your computer may bet access to your account easily.

4. Keep off from the URL that are being passed via Twitter messages as well as the ones that sound to be irrelevant to you from any unknown person. URL with names calling too interesting stuff that sounds to be true are also to be avoided from clicking once you are aware that it is from an unknown person and is unrelated to you. There are several hacker software and hacking programs too working on how to hack twitter password and computer security terms.

Always go for the main webpage to login into you account as you can find some of the fake sights that are being created to spread the virus or to hack your account. Do not place you Passwords written anywhere and not in files too in you PC, as it may become very easy for the hackers to get access to your account more easily.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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