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How to Push New E-mail Messages to Your iPhone

The fastest way to receive new e-mail messages from your e-mail provider on your Apple iPhone is to enable “Push” messages. When the “Push” feature is enabled, new messages are automatically sent to your iPhone as soon as you receive them. If you don’t have the “Push” feature enabled, you will have to rely on your iPhone to periodically check your e-mail account for new messages.

Push New E-mail Messages to Your iPhone

If you’re waiting on a message that is time sensitive in nature, having the “Push” feature disabled could potentially delay when you receive that message by fifteen minutes or more.

Step 1

Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone via the grey-colored icon on your device’s “Home” screen. Scroll about halfway down the page of options until you see the icon labeled “Mail, Contacts & Calendars.” Once located, tap the icon one time to view a list of all the e-mail related features you can change on your device.

Step 2

Locate the “Fetch New Data” option from its location in the center of the window on screen. The “Fetch New Data” option is directly above the “Mail” category and directly below the “Accounts” category. It is a separate icon on the page and is not part of any particular category. Tap the button labeled “Fetch New Data” to continue.

Step 3

Locate the button labeled “Push” at the top of your iPhone screen. By default, the “Push” feature will be disabled. The status of the feature will be reflected in the presence of a grey-colored button labeled “Off” to the right of the word “Push.”

Step 4

Tap the word “Off” one time to enable the “Push” feature of your iPhone. After a second, the word will change to read “On,” indicating that the “Push” feature has been properly enabled.

Step 5

Exit your iPhone’s “Settings” application and return to the main “Home” screen. You will no longer have to worry about checking your iPhone e-mail application with any type of frequency as all messages will automatically be pushed to your device as they are received. The “Push” feature will work with any e-mail account you have added to your iPhone.

To add an additional e-mail account, return to the “Mail, Contacts & Calendars” section of the “Settings” application and select the option reading “Add Account.” Fill out the box on screen to finish adding a new e-mail account to your Apple iPhone.

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