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QuickCursor – Use Your Favorite Text Editor Anywhere [Mac]

QuickCursor brings your favorite text editor to any app with a global keyboard shortcut. Unlike manually copying and pasting between apps, QuickCursor automates the entire process to save you time. After installation you can see QuickCursor in your menu bar. You need to click on it’s icon to activate it, which produces a drop down menu displaying a list of compatible text editors.

Once you click on one of your favt text editor, QuickCursor will automatically paste the currently active text in your frontmost window into that editor.

Dan Frakes, Macworld

As someone who uses BBEdit to work with text as much as possible, QuickCursor lets me do so for virtually every bit of text I need to type.

When you’re done, simply use the standard Mac OS X Save and Close commands—either from the File menu or by pressing Command+S, Command+W. QuickCursor works with the following text editors –

  • BBEdit & Espresso
  • MacVim & Smultron
  • SubEthaEdit & TextMate
  • TextWrangler & WriteRoom.

QuickCursor is open source software and it available for sale in the Mac App Store, but the source code is also available on Github.

QuickCursor Official Website

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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