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Razer Edge, the New Entrant in High-Tech Gaming Tablet

Personal computer industry has experienced staggering technological advancements and has now been extended to notebooks, ultra books, tablets and many more.

Razer Edge

Consumers demand ultra high-tech devices, and are fully aware of the performance and functionalities of various devices available in market.

The IT giants are focusing on their tablet computer product line, as they are up against a number of fierce competitors. One of the most popular categories is gaming tablet, and Razer is amongst the well-renowned brands.

Its newest gaming tablet has been given the name “Razer Edge” that would surely provide an excellent gaming experience and support high resolution graphics.

Operating system:

This Windows-8 tablet has an attractive appearance and offers discrete mobile graphics.


You cannot remove the side controllers of the traditional gaming tablets, but this high-end Razer Edge tablet is different. It has been designed as a standalone device.

The edges are wrapped with two game-pad controllers. Razer has introduced 3 separate peripherals (case, keyboard, stand) to provide more flexibility and convenience. This allow consumer to add more game controllers. Best part is that the chunky keyboard is portable.


The gamers would really enjoy on its large 10.1 inch screen, and flexibly adjust the controllers that best suits them. 1366×768 resolution would further liven up the display. In short, it provides you a solid platform and the gamers would surely find this device more attractive. The vivid touch screen of this gaming tablet has 10 capacitive points.


This gaming tablet would be available in two models. All graphically-rich games would run smoothly, thanks to the Core i5-3317U processor that delivers a super-fast clock rate of 2.6 GHz. It is accompanied by high-tech hardware including GeForce GT 640M LE GPU, a high-capacity SSD (64/128 gigabytes) and an impressive DDR-3 memory (4 GB).

These are the specs of standard model. The other model is Edge Pro that has been equipped with 256GB/128GB solid state drive, Core i7-3517U processor and DDR 3 RAM (8 GB). The inclusion of Core i7 would certainly boost the gaming experience. The increased SSD capacity would allow consumers to save more video/game content.


Approx. 2 pounds. The Microsoft’s bare surface is 0.5 pound lighter. But the ATIV Smart PC 500T weighs around 3.2 pound with dock.



Run time of Razer Edge while using Windows desktop is 4-6 hours, and with gaming, the battery lasts up to 1 hour. However, you have an option of adding up 40 Wh power by integrating a separate battery. In this way, 2 hours are added to gaming and the simple tablet usage extends to 8 hours. So the consumers can easily enhance endurance of this high-tech tablet.


This high-speed Razer Edge (0.8 inches) is slimmer than Samsung’s Atom-based tablet, which is 0.87 inches thick. So the Edge tablet would be a more beneficial than the other bulky device. It can be easily grasped in one hand, whereas the battery extension and portable keyboard make it the best option for consumers who want to enjoy gaming while on the move.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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