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How To Receive E-mails Via Text Messages

Receiving E-mails Via Text Messages will be a good for many people as everyone don’t have smartphones, or do not have data plan, or may not want to give your phone numbers. In these cases the best way to solve all the above problems is to use MailBliss, a service that turns any email into a text message. When someone will send you an e-mail, you will receive an instant text message.

Operation is extremely simple: Firstly you need to create a new e-mail that will be of type, you must choose your phone company or network carrier, then add your phone number, complete with area number and hit create. that’s it, Nothing more.

This service is very interesting but is not available for all countries or all operators.  The other condition, if your country  is in the list, though, you can not answer emails via SMS, that is, just read and then when you go to computer, you can perform the usual e-mail operations.

Overall, this is a nice and very interesting concept that you can receive e-mails via text messages, so as my opinion, if you don’t have a smartphone, give a try to this concept.

Pankaj Gaikar
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