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Risk of Using Free Antivirus Program

With the economy on the rise we are calculative about a lot of things and end up choosing free options but it’s not always the wise decision. We are all protective about our daily essentials which include our laptop or PC but a free antivirus is always a good bargain.


It is of critical importance to understand the pros and cons of free antivirus before installing it or else your PC or wallet might be at risk.

Constant alerts for upgrading to paid antivirus

There is usually a catch to offering free antivirus because it doesn’t provide total security and required protection to your computer. As per the recent report by a leading antivirus blog –, most of the free antivirus offered by software companies coaxes the users by directing them to the paid version after few days of free services.

A free antivirus will never secure the PC or laptop completely and will instead occupy more memory space with unnecessary downloads.

At some point in time, we are all annoyed by pop-up alerts, survey links and ads and it is the result of free antivirus install. There will be alerts popping every while reminding of a potential threat to the PC or laptop and send offers with discount rates to purchase the paid version. There will be unnecessary suggestions and miscalculations of viruses currently infecting your computer and it a complete bait to lure customers.

Increases chances of data leakage

Hacker and spammers are on the prowl to get personal information and with the rise of free antivirus, most of them are a gateway for threats to computer and personal identity. There have been instances when one is directed to a threat itself by clicking on the download button of free antivirus. Hackers have created such links to get hold of pivotal information.

It is a very unfortunate situation because the hackers not only get hold of data but gets into your bank information as well. It might also increase the chance of your laptop or desktop being infected. It is very important to know the cons of free antivirus because there have been cases of hardware crash and identity theft costing one lot of trouble.

Time taking

The major problem with free antivirus is its ineffectiveness to provide complete protection alone and thus lot of time looking for feasible software associates. In most of the cases the free antivirus wakes up to action only after the virus has attacked the computer and it results in slowing the speed and performance of the system.

In order to make the work of free antivirus effective and secure the PC, it is required for one to download multiple configurations, download firewall and other programs for complete clean up and protection. It requires a lot of time and usually one link takes you to another making it hard for one to figure out the actual protection software.

Aspiring for a free antivirus to protect your system may only lead you to more trouble costing you more money on unavoidable purchases. It is very confusing to choose a free plan and so it is always advisable to go for a paid brand of anti-virus.

We recommend to use paid antivirus programs such as Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Norton. Kaspersky comes with great discount coupons for all users no matter new or returning. Bitdefender and Norton promotions are only limited to new customers. Returning customer can renew the program with discount, but not as much as new ones.

We all are in a world where anything free attracts us and we tend to divert our focus on it but sometimes free things can cost us more. Free antivirus is one of the perfect examples because it usually leads to time wastage and occupies more space in the laptop or PC.

The threat to identity threat always remains as with technological advancement there have been a lot of cases of stealing information through hoax antivirus links. It is always safe to go for paid antivirus to provide comprehensive protection to your system and keep it clean.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal

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