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Looking Forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

On the 04th September 2013, Samsung is hosting an event called Samsung Unpacked 2013, in Berlin, Germany. This event is widely expected to have the unveiling of the latest model of Samsung’s Note series, the Note 3.


So, how likely is it to be that this event will feature such an unveiling? Very likely, as the invites to members of the press quite clearly advise to NOTE the date.Subtle.

What exactly are the most likely specs of this new device? Well, there have been many rumours in circulation in online tech sites, detailing many different features. What is likely however, is a slightly increased screen size, up to 5.68 inches, from the 5.5 of the Note 2. The display is also rumoured to be greatly improved from the Note 2, up to a 1080p resolution.

The RAM is also tipped to increase to 3GB, which would make the new Note one of the most powerful devices available, ever. This is worth thinking about, as many laptop computers have 3GB RAM, or even less, just to put things into perspective.


So, is it time to start thinking about recycling your old phone, and trade up once the new Note arrives? Most definitely! The Note 2 is bound to have a raft of new features, including new or improved S – Pen apps, and also are likely to implement some of the features that the Galaxy S4 phone introduced, such as Smart Scroll technology.

The Note 3 is also expected to have a new camera, up to 13 megapixels, which combined with the massive screen  should produce some spectacular images for those budding photographers ( or even those just partial to a bit of Instagram). This lens is sure to be a hit, if implemented. The front facing lens is not likely to have too much of an upgrade, as the camera lens already used in these phones is more than adequate for video or Skype calls.

Another big selling point is, the Note 3 is likely to launch with Android version 4.3 already installed, making this one of the only phones on the market with this version of the Android firmware available. Android 4.3 is widely anticipated by customers with Android powered phones, so having this installed prior to release is a huge selling point for Samsung.

Another bonus for consumers is the battery that is being rumoured for inclusion. The battery is said to be in the region of 3200mAh, which is slightly larger than the 3100mAh featured in the Note 2, but people who already own a Note 2 know just how substantial this amount of battery is, so any increase is to be welcomed.

Look for the Note 3 to come in 16GB, 32GB & maybe even 64GB models when announced. Samsung are not likely to deviate from these storage options, given that the Note range of devices have the option of increasing the memory capacity, via Micro SD card. For Samsung Galaxy Note fans, 04th September cannot come quick enough. Watch this space, you may just discover your next dream phone.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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