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Save on Rent

More things in an office means paying a higher price on rent or purchase price. Keeping electronic methods of storing data and utilizing other resources can help to save considerable space in the office. In whatever ways a office can cut down on the items to be stored on-site, the less space is needed and the less rent will cost.


Digital information helps to save keeping documents in the office. Several law firms are scanning their documents. Hospitals are going digital as well. Patients’ medical charts are now being kept electronically. In the event a patient needs their medical chart, it can be printed out. Storing documents electronically reduces the need for space, and it reduces the need for personnel to work more hours attending to these documents.

Despite the ability to store documents electronically, some laws require that some businesses hold records for a few years. For example, some businesses are required to keep employee files for up to three years after the time their employment terminated. However, it’s not necessary to keep these files on-site. They can be stored in a storage unit, which can cost a far lesser amount than keeping them on-site.

Smaller desks can help to save room as well. For instance, choose desks that are six inches shorter than what’s currently being used. If an office has just twelve of these desks, 12 square feet of office space can be saved. Choose smaller options of furniture that can help to save space without detracting from each employee’s quality of work. For example, it’s not wise to choose smaller chairs unless they’re being used in the waiting room where clients won’t be sitting for long.

Shelves that can be adhered to the wall saves substantial storage space as well. People tend to think about shelving that is stored on the floor, but by using wall space, items can always be stored upward and precious floor space can be saved.

A time clock helps to cut down on the amount of documents in the office as well. Click here to discover how much information a time clock stores electronically. It can print out documents pertaining to each employee or the entire office as a whole. It can show patterns of tardies or absences. Time clocks also avoid the need of personnel filing time cards and other information. Reducing space means spending less money, but it also means reducing the clutter, which makes an office an enjoyable place to work.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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