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Siri to Get a New Vocabulary

Those who are using Siri (the beta mode voice-controlled personal assistant released by Apple with their iPhone 4S device) will be pleased to know that Apple are concentrating on boosting the power of the personal assistant by employing a team of writers to make Siri wittier, smarter, and fundamentally more useful too.


The now deleted job posting specified that writers have previous experience of writing in a technical environment, suggesting that improving usability is key to Apple’s strategy. Apple is trying to undo the damage done by launching Siri in beta mode (the only piece of software they have released in beta). Other skills were requested were experience writing character-driven dialogue and knowledge of more than one language.

The ideal is to create an AI that may not be the most intelligent in the tech world, but certainly that is the most enjoyable to interact with. Interestingly, researchers have found that AI’s have more success convincing human test subjects that they are human with humour and mimicry than complex intelligence based on algorithmic programming.

Apple is currently having to rethink its business strategy, especially where the overseas markets are concerned. Manufacturers like Samsung and Lenovo are putting up stiff competition to Apple in the Asian mobile phone market, and Apple needs to figure out ways to stay ahead.  Apple excels at hardware, they find it easy to sell macbook units.

No one is sure whether that is by making Siri the go to AI personal assistant on mobile or (more likely) by going sideways into more affordable phones.  The iOS 6 version of Siri has already received more favourable reviews than its predecessor, however only time will tell if Apple manages to survive in the market with all the stiff competition coming up.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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