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Why SLA management Is Important

Management information technology from a business transaction perspective is what is called SLA management. Using IT tools, companies track the flow of transactions across IT infrastructure , which includes detecting, alerting and correcting any unexpected change in the critical conditions of business or technical environment. Using SLA management tools, companies can get the visibility into the flow of transactions, which includes dynamic mapping of the application topology.

SLA management

In today’s complex IT environments, managing IT for business transactions provides lots of challenges. IT organizations which provides applications are lifeblood of most of the businesses. Famous analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates has noted that large technology dependent organizations can suffer losses in excess of $15000 per minute for the downtime. These applications are critical for the revenue, productivity and the brand value of any business.

In addition to that, with the rapid growth in the technology sector, the applications and their delivery is becoming increasingly complex with the passage of each year. Importance of service level agreement or SLA is never felt more as the challenges associated with the Quality of Service /QoS has increased manifold.

As service oriented architecture or SOA has moved from being as state-of-art way to build application to more mainstream like cloud computing and desktop virtualization, application environments has become much more complex. Ever changing landscape of application delivery models, has also added to this complexity. End user’s vantage point is becoming the primary concern and one of the most important way to measure if SLA is being met.

Aternity’s advanced analytics capabilities help enterprises benefit from finding the issues related to performance much earlier than when the end users finds about it. Aternity’s advanced analytics compatibilities does not ends there. It also determine the extent and impact of the problem. All these analytics capabilities help reduce the duration of disruptions in the business functions to minimum level.This helps in reducing costs and resolve the issues related to services.

Aternity’s frontline performance intelligence or FPI platform validates performance and availability of all transactions for all end users and hence addresses the need for managing SLA compliance. It verifies if contractual commitments are being met and also identifies outliers. Aternity’s frontline performance intelligence platform offers following benefits to the businesses:

Aternity’s fronline performance intelligence platform helps configure SLAs as per location, application and level of activity involves in providing granular performance compliance scores.

It also provides the ability which helps in retaining SLA data scores historically which helps in rapid reporting on SLA trends and key measurements which might impact the performance at present or in future.

Aternity’s fronline performance intelligence platform also provides analytics capabilities in real time. It also has the flexibility of providing customizable reports to help IT organization to better prepare themselves for planned outages, while managing proactively and remediate issues which helps in protecting from blackout. It also identify the duplicate outages or any overlaps to avoid multiple penalties.

Aternity’s FPI platform establishes penalties for the unavailability which is based on volume baselines of how the actual end users could have experienced the IT service which helps in determining the accurate reporting of SLA penalties.

To summarize, Aternity’s fronline performance intelligence platform is the best way for SLA management. It helps to determine the penalties beforehand for the IT services disruption and help develop custom reports which is best fitted for IT organizations.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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