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Must Have Social Media Apps For Any Smartphone

In the era of constant advancements in technology, any person without a smartphone is considered as someone who is not up-to date. With the ability to keep one connected to his professional and personal life from anywhere and at anytime, a smartphone is a must have for many.

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Right from college going students to businessmen, it helps one to get maximum utility out of their cell phone. Gone are the days when one simply used their phones to play basic games or just send short messages. Now, the same people e-mail, chat and do a whole lot more from their phones.

Platforms such as Android and iOS have made social media networking convenient on smart phones. By a simple click on one’s 3G or GPRS enabled device, one can be present on the social media bandwagon from anywhere in the world.

So what are the must have social media apps for any smartphone?

Update That Status

Facebook is one of the most premier and important social media apps, which are a must have for any smartphone. Updating statuses, adding images, checking in by tagging friends etc., are the important aspects of this app. Everyone likes to know what their friends and colleagues are up to, and Facebook is the perfect app for the same.

For Social Media Marketing purposes too, Facebook can be really handy. After all, this Mark Zuckerberg creation receives the maximum advertising, when compared to other social media platforms.

Micro Blogging, Anyone?

Twitter is the most premier micro blogging portal in the current times. A Twitter app can enable a person to Tweet, while they are on the move. From complaining about long queues at a bus stand, to being all praises about a cuisine or restaurant, Twitter is the perfect platform to update one’s followers on the go.

Let Pictures Talk

Recently, social media apps dealing with images have been a rage. From pinning via Pinterest, to sharing via Instagram, both of these apps have started a trend where images go viral. On Pinterest, one can view and follow images and boards of their area of interest. On Instagram, one can edit images, add effects etc. and share them with the world. This could be to share photography skills, or merely share memories.

Link Personal and Professional Lives

LinkedIn is another important app, which allows creation of a profile, and lets one scout for jobs over the social media space. It is one of the few platforms built for professional networking, and thus, a must have for every businessman or job seeker. Right from industry studies and general trends, to probable employees and employers, one can scout it all from this app.

Check In, Check Out

Foursquare enables a person to check in to locations or places that they visit. With social media integration, one’s Twitter followers and Facebook friends can also know about the same. It’s a great app to keep a track of places that one’s friends visit often, or to get to know of new places that one’s friends visit.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal
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  1. i want to send sms to my customers by making the group of them so the single option of sending should delievere the message to all the customer and present have android tablet,desktop computer and leptop and using the internet on these devices with the help of external dongle using 2g or 3g sim so sir i would like to ask that is there any app or platform which can help me in this regard.
    pl. help.

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