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Social Photos: Transfer Facebook Photos to Google+ and Flickr or Vice versa

If you are thinking to transfer Facebook photos to Google+ or Flickr or vice versa or changing your online media to share your photos with friends, well, this is the right time, because there is a new tool on internet, that will help you to do this automatically and so easily. Social Photos is a online service that can transfer your photos from one media to another so easily and fast that i’m sure you’ll love this service.

Flickr is a paid service but one of the best to host your images, Facebook is free and is leading social media to share your photos, while Google+ or  we can say Picasa is based on another free Google service also allows us to store our photos.

The three services mentioned are excellent choices, but if for some reason you get tired of one, or do not trust on them now, you can change your platform anytime, but what about the photos you preveously uploaded to that social network ? Well,  Social Photos can transfer your pictures from one to another automatically and in real-time view of the web process.

Depending on the service we select must give the permissions for each, followed by this we have to give permission to begin the transfer from one service to another. If for some reason do not want your albums are public must change the permissions to complete the transfer because, sadly, is exchanged in this way.

The service is fast enough because it requires us to use our connection just to select which service you want to transfer images.

Social Photos | Transfer Facebook Photos

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