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Sony Reveals a Smartphone with a Touchless Display : Xperia Sola

Electronics giant, Sony have revealed a smartphone with a touchless screen. The Xperia Sola allows users to select links by simply hovering above them. The new technology has been described as a “floating touch” user-interface and is expected to be available to buy later this year.


The smartphone is already experiencing heavy criticism from industry experts over whether it will be popular amongst consumers.

The worlds is going touchless

Touchless devices are expected to be one of the big technology trends of 2012 following on from the popularity of the X-Box Kinect. Microsoft have shown the world what is possible with touchless technology. A number of companies are looking at the possibilities of using gesture control devices, especially in education.

Mixed reviews for Xperia Sola

I think we can all agree that the Xperia Sola is different whether it is practical is a different story, Calum Macdougall from Sony Mobile called the touchless screen “a sense of magic”. But not everyone is convinced and thinks the innovation is more of a gimmick than a unique selling point, with many analysts struggling to find many practical benefits.

This is the first Sony smartphone to include the touchless Screen so it will be interesting to see how many consumers are tempted by this new feature.

Sola features

The new Xperia Sola utilises NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allowing to personalise actions based on your location such as turning on WiFi when you’re in your living room or setting your alarm when you enter your bedroom.

The Sola also has a high quality display powered by Mobile Bravia and 3D surround sound making it a powerful device when it comes to watching videos and listening to music. The Sola is fully integrated into the Sony Entertainment Network allowing users to watch feature length films via Video Unlimited and listen to millions of tracks via Music Unlimited.

Apple & Android

Late last year Sony Chairman Howard Stringer announced the electronics giant would only be manufacturing smartphones but will this be enough to really challenge Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market?

Apple and Android control 66% of the smartphone market in the UK and I’m not sure the Xperia is a strong enough product to seriously challenge the likes of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S2. the new touchless screen seems more like a marketing gimmick rather than a game changing feature.

We’ll continue to see how this progresses during 2012 but we’re expecting more big things from Sony this year.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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