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What are the New Specs for the iPhone 5

It’s getting to the time of year we’re starting to become familiar with in the modern age – the release of the new iPhone. iPhone releases have become significant due to the fact that every new iPhone seems to be a genuine glimpse of future technology, with Apple pushing boundaries only currently matched by companies like Samsung and their ground-breaking Galaxy S3.

Rumours are rife as to what the spec on the new iPhone may be, and it seems Apple would probably welcome such a frenzied anticipation; with internet sites specially dedicated to postulating theories about what the new iPhone will be like. It all adds to the publicity machine.

It would seem fair to say that the likes of the iPhone 4S are beginning to look rather clunky in comparison to their more streamlined rivals. The Galaxy S3 and particularly the HTC One X are beautifully designed handsets, with the HTC model nearly appearing unreal due to its incredible slenderness, leaving the consumer wondering how a screen can project such crisp and mobile images from a paper thin piece of technology.

The iPhone 4 will most likely have a larger screen; after sticking to a smaller format for so many years it seems that Apple will need to follow the upward market trend for bigger displays. Many are predicting the iPhone 5 will appropriately have a 5-inch screen, giving it the edge on the S3.

Tactile touchscreen, quad core A6 processor, 4G internet, inductive charging and liquid metal glass are all possibilities for the new iPhone, with Apple sure to spring a typically inspiring surprise. The general aesthetics of the new phone could be a prime reason to upgrade alongside the more versatile large screen.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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