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Speed Up Windows by Removing Old Device Information

Ghostbuster is a free program by which you can speed up Windows for Faster performance. Each time when you connect a new device to your Windows system, the information regarding this device is included in the registry. One idea behind this is that it improves the detection of device when you connect your device next time to the PC. Some users, especially those that connect a wide variety of devices to your system, or have done in the past, have experienced slower times start Windows because of this. This is because each time you start Windows, the system attempts to connect to the device , because it increases the time it takes to boot the Windows operating system.

Ghostbuster is a free program for Windows, which requires Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5, which automates the process. The first time you start the program, you will see a list of all removable devices sorted into groups such as the devices to interface human drives or portable drives.

The roster lists all the devices known within the group, and the state of device. If you see the Status of the device “Ghosted”, It means that the device is not connected, but known to Windows. Now you can remove the Ghosted devices by selecting them and clicking on the button “Remove Ghosts “.

The main advantage of using Ghostbuster is that you can see all the devices hidden away, and can be removed with just two clicks. Isn’t it so simple?

Speed Up Windows | Download Ghostbuster.

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