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Spotflux VPN: Free VPN With Encryption, Ad Blocker And Anti-Virus

Spotflux VPN service is a new method that adds new and unique to offer VPN services already established and available today. With this new VPN we can encrypt our traffic so that the content is even more protected. Moreover, Spotflux also has anti-virus scanner to provide a barrier to not be able to access our IP by some kind of malware.

Spotflux is available as a desktop application for Windows and Mac. Simply install and connect because you do not need any additional configuration. The interface is totally lacking in complexity, with the exception of a large green button to connect and disconnect and a smaller button on top to display the “Settings” window.

No details of where the servers are located to get an idea of from ​​where and which country the IPs are provided that will be safe with ours. On the other hand, I was trying  to view video in HD on YouTube and honestly i’m not that much happy with the service but it is certainly a great alternative, besides being free to surf safe.

With the proliferation of malware and any number of malicious content on the web, navigate insurance is practically a requirement.

Download | Spotflux VPN

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One thought on “Spotflux VPN: Free VPN With Encryption, Ad Blocker And Anti-Virus”

  1. I tried the new Spotflux and I’m really disappointed. It’s slow and unstable.
    I wish them well but I don’t think they are going to survive having such competition like SecurityKISS with reliable and fast servers in many countries even in the free version.

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