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Spotted by locals: Offline iPhone App for City Travelers

When, Im traveling and visiting new places, cities, i also like to visit the tourist places over there. The big problem arises here is that what if you don’t find a good travel guide? Well, there are lots of tourists who are facing this problem, and today most of them use mobile applications, but the problem faced by most of them is data connection. Its an obvious problem when you are roaming around the world and then what if you dont get a proper data provider or Wifi hotspot?

Well, your wait is over now because Spotted by locals is already available for download in iTunes. Spotted by locals is an offline city guide app for iPhone users which will help travelers to do things just like locals, like you can see, eat, drink and do things absolutely like locals do.

Spotted By Locals aims to be a different kind of travel guide by providing up-to-date travel advice from urban residents through blogs, PDF city guides, and a newly redesigned iPhone app.

What makes this app apart from the other travel apps is that it’s offline. You can open the map, view pinpoints of all the locations or narrow them down by those four categories, zoom in and get addresses and contact info etc..

The idea behind Spotted by Locals, a set of apps designed to help you “experience cities like a local.” Every entry – restaurants, bars, shops, museums and more – are entered by city residents.Entries are divided into four categories – Eat & Drink, Art & Culture, Shop and Relax – which you can search both by list and by map. In the list mode, you can also narrow down your search by area or neighborhood.

Spotted by locals strength lies in its roaster of bloggers who live in the cities they represent, speak the local language, and volunteer their services for free. As this bloggers are the locals of those perticular cities they are able to keep guides’ information accurate and up-to-date.

The app is currently only available for select European cities each at the price $4.99. For the travelers, this app is a great option if you want to see the real inside of the world you travel through. Lets of that devlopers will release this app for travelers all over the world and the app will no longer be limited to Europe only.

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