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Things to be Considered while Printing Stickers at Home

Printing stickers can be made at home, in offset or online processes. However, designing a sticker is not an effortless job as it appears. To design a sticker one requires a little knowledge about art and craft at the start and many more technique depends upon the design and style. In this article I’ve explained how to design and print stickers.

A Sticker can be of any shape, size, style and design. Is it an abstract art or any portrait that you want print as a sticker; decide it. If it is any company or business logo, it needs a perfect dimension to draw and print. If it is an abstract painting, cartoon or line art then there is nothing to be fixed; you can turn those images any side and change its shape as you required.


Stickers Printing can be made at home if you’ve an inkjet printer. You just need to purchase some vinyl sticker papers and draw or scan the images on your computer. If you do not carry such things, better order online to get the printed stickers. However to get something online you need to check whether the company is domestic or international. If it is international company, ask them about shipping to your country and how they charges for that. If the printing and shipping charges are less than that of making in any domestic printing company then order, otherwise not. Search for a domestic printing company and order for that. It depends upon your selection and ordering from where and which suits better to you.

In other case, if you need to print a very few stickers you can make it in your home with the help of getting some vinyl sticker papers. If you’ve a computer, inkjet printer and the designed picture; only you need to purchase some papers from any paper dealer or store. It will be much easier and cheaper if you want to print ten to fifteen sheets. One sheet is an A4 size paper. Set the drawings or images in any word processor or photo processor application in an A4 size blank sheet; and leave sufficient space for cutting the images with the help of scissor or cutter.

Take a sample copy in an ordinary paper, check the size and adjust it accordingly. If the vinyl prints are good and meets your satisfaction then go for more prints. However be aware while printing; some stickers may roll inside the printer, leaving the vinyl paper out. In such cases, you need to insert papers with a short time interval, one by one; as the printer roller may get heat and absorbs the sticker there. If it happens repeatedly, even after leaving a short time gap; simply, replace the papers and bring some extra thicker of good branded material.

These are certain things to be noted while printing stickers at home. If you want to print more than twenty sheets, better to order online or go to any offset or printing press for printing stickers.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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