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Strengthen your Employer Branding with Recruiting Software

Recruiting new employees has always been a difficult task as it requires many formal steps and paperwork to follow. Companies publish vacancies in newspapers, internet or other social media which results in unmanageable amount of application submission, emails, phone calls, etc. that are troublesome to respond to. But Softgarden, a Germany-based software company has created an e-recruiting software that would eliminate all the hassle and make the screening process easier than ever.


Softgarden’s e-recruiting software is available as Software as a Service (SaaS). It is a software distribution model where everything is hosted on the cloud and the customer can access the software and the associated data from a thin-client, most probably the internet. As everything works in the cloud, users do not need to follow the lengthy and problematic implementation processes.

To use the recruiting software, all you need to do is register online. No additional processes or payments required. After logging in, Human Resource managers can begin the hiring process straight away. This procedure also eliminates the need of start-up costs which is mostly suitable for those companies that are growing swiftly.


The software facilitates not only the owner but also allows the interested candidates to apply for a particular job. Applicants are provided with easy-to-use interface where they can submit their personal details and qualifications. The recruiting software will automatically sort the applicants based on the information they have provided which makes it easier for the management to find the right candidate for the job.

Six outstanding features of the Softgarden’s recruiting software

Craft an online employment advertisement

The saas recruitment software by softgarden allows the users to create online job advertisements through a clutter-free attractive interface which provides all the useful information even on a mobile device. It results in easier selection and application of job offers.

Advertise vacancies on your website and Facebook

The recruiting software allows the users to insert vacancies into their official website and whenever a job application is submitted, the software notifies you immediately. Likewise, the software also lets you to post ads on your Facebook page and receive notifications instantly.

Publish vacancies on job boards

The software opens the possibility of publishing vacancies on the numerous online job boards available through the internet and this can be done with just a click of a button.


These job boards can be both free and paid websites. Softgarden provides package deals for this kind of publishing, therefore, making it even more convenient for small-budgeted companies to reach mass audience.

Job for friends

The software allows both managers and recruiters to promote their vacancy within their friends and colleagues’ linkage. Jobs can be promoted by inviting colleagues to share the vacancies via social network and when their friends discovers the offers, they can apply if terms and conditions are met.

With every jobs shared, the colleagues are rewarded with bonus points which can later be redeemed if certain aggregate is reached.

Simple online application

Softgarden’s recruitment software makes application submission as easy as shopping online. After the companies lists the job offers, applicants can submit their resumes through LinkedIn or Xing in a blink of an eye and finish the entire process in just few minutes.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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