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Two Super Techno-Freak Gadgets for Fun in the Water

For the Super Techno-Freak (hush—we’re typing here), even the definition of “cool” or “ultra-cool” isn’t quite descriptive enough for these Super Techno-Freak-tempting gadgets and what-nots. Some depend on outdoor fun, but each can be enjoyed in your “Secret Lab That Doesn’t Exist Behind the Secret Door in the Closet” space—if it exists at all, you understand.

1. Sea-Doo’s 4-Person Inflatable Aqua Lounge Gadgets

First, as you enjoy your pool—or a neighbor’s; it matters not—or your favorite lake in the heat of the day or morning or even night, float in total comfort and style in Sea-Doo’s 4-Person Inflatable Aqua Lounge. You no longer have to worry about dropping your MP3 player or your headsets into the deep-ish blue water. This baby sports in on-board MP3 system for you. Just load it with music then people, and shatter the peace and quiet as four of you make fools of yourselves—or not. We’re just sayin’….

The independent air chambers help stabilize the lounge, regardless of weight distribution, but putting all four occupants on one side might be a little much. Read “stabilize” as “with reasonable occupant locations.” Waterproof speakers eliminate the need for your headphones, but exactly what Sea-Doo means by “on-board system” isn’t exactly delineated very well.

For the techno-freak, the $299.99 price tag might be worthwhile if the speaker quality is excellent, and the lounge holds all your favorite tunes.

2. Vivitar 690HD Pocket Cam

Next, for those times you actually do try putting all four people on one side of the lounge, take along your Vivitar 690HD Pocket Cam to catch all the flailing arms, legs and bodies that just got dunked into the lake. The high-def camera costs around $60 and is completely waterproof—which is good, for if you capture those idiots who just toppled off the lounge, you’re probably flailing right along with them.

What’s great is you capture video—not just stills—with this. All it takes is a pair of AA batteries, and you’re ready to capture images of up to 1280×720 resolution—pretty standard for gadgets like this—but the data capture capability is limited only by the SD card you use.

The rear of the camera sports a two-inch LCD screen that allows as-recording viewing and playback of captured images. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable, which is good for both the environment and the budget, and it provides a 4x zoom for those close-ups people don’t know you’re recording.

This device is waterproof, but like all waterproof gadgets, it probably has a depth limit, and it’s not for use in salt water but is certified for fresh water use. So leave it in the hotel safe as you go wind surfing in the Bahamas, but those family reunions at the lake may never be the same—in or out of the water.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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