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Are Teenagers Addicted to Their Mobile Phones?

There can be no doubt that teenagers throughout the developed world are addicted to mobile phones as any parent or teacher will attest to.

The fact that teenagers are a primary market is also evident in the direction that mobile phone handsets are taking where teenagers have given the ‘flick’ to PlayStation, Nintendo is ‘out the door,’ Wii game consoles are ‘old hat’, and even the famed iPod is now bypassed because they can now do all of that and more on their smart phone.

For those outside of Generation Y and Z, a smart phone is a mobile phone that can give you access to email, on which you can view websites and download apps and files. These types of mobile phones include the Apple iPhone, the Blackberry, as well as what are known as other android mobile phones that use the Google platform such as the HTC.

Generation smart phone has arrived, but are they addicted? Mobile phone reviews are telling us that it is a known fact in teenage land that 60 percent of kids aged from 13 to 19 year old actually admit to being addicted to their Blackberry handset or iPhone smart phone.

Ofcom, an annual communication market publication studying the situation in Northern Ireland, has shed some light on the situation that could easily be expected to be repeated throughout the world.

Its latest report found that teenagers are throwing away their previously accepted activities and looking to online activities to fill in their spare time. For instance the study discovered that 23 percent of teens have foregone watching TV and 15 percent had given up reading books in favour of being online.

It also found that kids today are making 28 percent more phone calls on their iPhones than they had previously with their more traditional mobile phones. It believes this is mainly attributable to social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Usage of these two sites alone is reported to have doubled since 2008 and is still growing.

It is generally accepted around the world that teenagers comprise the major proportion of mobile phone users. In Canada and America it is estimated that 71 percent of mobile phone users are teenagers. In Japan it has been reported that 96 six percent of kids aged between 16 and 17 years have their own mobile phone.

Although teenagers are eager to keep up with the latest trends in smart phone development they do not necessarily buy their phone for the purpose of talking. Their main usage is text messaging, playing games, online activities and using its MP3 capabilities.

It doesn’t take long before the teen becomes reliant on his or her mobile phone and it becomes very hard, if not impossible to pry them apart. For all intents and purposes teens seem to be well and truly addicted to their mobile phones and the rest of us aren’t far behind.

So are you one of them who is also addicted to their Mobile phones ?

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal

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