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Drive Your Business Forward with Timesheet Portal Software

Timesheet Portal is easy to use and user- friendly software that provides online web timesheet and expenses services to its users. This software allows businesses to save their time as well as money by providing them a platform to centralize their timesheets, holiday management and expenses on a cloud that can be accessed 24/7.

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The software comes in two different versions namely “Standard Edition” and the “Recruitment Edition” thereby giving users the liberty to choose the software as per their requirements. This software is most apt for project- based and recruitment organizations. Moreover, the software can even be accessed by companies who want to maintain a track of their internal costs and time taken.

Features of Timesheet Portal Software

Timesheet Portal software is a boon for business organizations that are willing to carry forward their business to new heights by maintaining a proper record of expenses, time taken and thereby working on every lacking aspect of the business. Here we have listed some of the topmost features of this amazing software that will definitely keep you amazed.

Online Time Tracking

Timesheet Portal is an easy to set up and handy software that comes with numerous options thereby making it an apt software for most of the businesses. It does not matter whether you are a recruitment agency, project based organization, manufacturer or service, Timesheet Portal is suitable for all the organizations. The users can link time with rates which helps them in tracking the internal costs as well as margins.

Online Expenses Forms

By making use of the online expenses form, you are saved from the efforts involved in capturing, authorizing and paying expense forms. The Timesheet Portal maintain all of them at one secure place from where the users can keep a track of the client as well as internal expenses and mileage, maintain records in different currencies and send the receipts from their smartphones directly.

Time- Off Bookings

The leave management system of this software enables the user to record and manage people’s time off. It can be either sickness leave, annual leave or maternity leave. In addition, you can even share the holiday calendars with your teams so that everyone can get access to it and know people’s availability.

Flexitime Control

If the employees of your organization work on a flexitime basis, then this software will ensure that your are saved from the difficulty of recording and keeping a track of how many additional hours each employee has worked for and deduct those hours when they were on time off. This software is fully loaded with various deduction, accumulation and capping rules.

24 X 7 Availability

The users can access Timesheet Portal from anywhere in the world and at anytime i.e. 24/7. This web based solution runs on almost all favorite browsers therefore the users are not required to install any extra software in order to run Timesheet Portal. In addition, you will also receive free of cost regular updates for this software.

Final Say

Timesheet Portal is an ideal solution for all the businesses that wish to outsource their daily activities in order to concentrate on more important aspects of the business which will help them to grow and prosper. This software helps in recording the time and expenses of the business thereby saving the time and efforts of the businesses in such activities.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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