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Toma Camera Suit Case for Canon EOS 600D / 650D – Review

Casing for your camera is a must. It should be well designed and yet should be robust enough to provide protection from scratches and moisture. Most importantly the casing which you decide to purchase for your camera, should be made specifically for your camera such that it fits well and should be designed aesthetically to add value to the looks.


It should not come in the way of accessing the functionality of your camera and should look and behave as a part of your whole experience , rather than just as another cover.

Today we will be reviewing Camera suit case from Toma, which has been made specifically to fit Canon EOS 600D/650D camera.

Initial Impressions

The Toma Camera Suit Case has been designed to fit the Canon EOS 600D/650D camera. It has a stylish design which is suitable for all environments. The casing looks tough and it does offers full protection to the camera.

Toma Camera Suit Case is made with synthetic leather which is carefully stitched at the curves ensures luxury and antiquity with a build quality which is top notch adding value and class to the product. As it is a casing designed exclusively for the Canon EOS 600D/650D camera, it offers proper fit and access to all the slots and functionality of the camera.

Toma Camera Suit Case- Canon EOS 600D/650D : Pros & Cons

Look wise, Toma Camera suit case looks premium,stylish and well designed to fit your Canon EOS 600D/650 D camera. It offers full protection to the camera. It offers excellent protection from bumps, scratches and bangs.

It allows access to all controls,including the LCD screen, without the need to remove the camera from the case. Toma camera suit case comes with molded half case with soft interlining, which ensures scratch free protection for your camera while moving or when the case is taken off.


It has the flexibility to attach tripod as an attachment. It has a threaded screw which allows a tripod to be used without the need of removing the half case.One of the biggest advantages of using Toma camera suit case is its water resistance property, which will protect your camera from water and dust and keeps your camera dry in all weather condition.

Toma Camera Suit case is compatible with Canon EOS 600D with 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 EF-S IS or non IS lens. It is also the perfect fit for Canon EOS 650D + 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 EF-S IS or non IS lens. Casing is a well fit with most short to medium sized lens which includes the Canon 17-85mm lens.


Toma camera suit case for Canon EOS 600D/650D is available at for the price of £34.99.  If you are using a DSLR camera, like Canon then you can find all Canon DSLR Cases and Bags on their website for very affordable price.


Toma camera suit case for Canon EOS 600D/650D is a premium class casing for your canon 600D/650D camera. It is well crafted and styling is premium. It is not only a well designed casing, but also provides enough protection to your camera from scratches and even water due to its water resistant property.


As it is made specifically for the Canon EOS 600D/650D cameras, it fits them well and provides enough grip to hold the camera securely. It also allows the access to all the functionalities of the camera, without the need of removing the case ever, which includes the support for the tripod.

So if you really want to buy a Water resistant bag with the Excellent quality then at £34.99 Toma camera suit case – Canon EOS 600d /650D is a buy which you will never regret.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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