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Top 10 Computer Tips for Online Presence

Here are some computer tips for you to be safe when you are online. Below are some easy-to-use tips to protect your system from many threats like viruses, worms and Trojans.

Computer tips online presence

Top 10 Computer Tips

  1. Scan all incoming email attachments: When you find an email attachment in your mail id make sure that you scan the attachment when you open it through the anti-virus check. Do this even if the mail is from a known person also, because malicious programs, like viruses, worms and Trojan horses can take place in your system even if the mail is from a known or unknown person.
  2. Install trustworthy Anti-Virus Software in your system: By installing anti-virus software in your PC assists you to scans files on a regular basis and also scans odd changes in file size and the program’s that that match the software’s database of known suspicious email attachments, many viruses, and warning signs. So, using anti-virus software is the most important step to be taken to keep your computer safe. One of the best anti-virus software used by many people all over the world is “Norton Anti-Virus Software”. This software runs continuously in the background when you are online and, protects you from many Trojan horses, viruses, worms and other malicious code.
  3. Update your anti-virus software regularly: We need to update an anti-virus software program regularly in your computer. Many new worms, viruses and Trojan horses may attack your computer if the software is not updated regularly.
  4. Common sense should be used: It is always important to be safe when you are online. If you are not aware of any email attachment immediately delete it.
  5. Do not share data CD’s with other person: If one of your close friend may unknowingly pass an attachment along with Trojan horses or viruses, it is better to label your discs clearly so you may know what is yours and you will not share with anyone.
  6. Do not download any programs from the website: There are some unreliable websites like internet social websites or newsgroups that you have never heard about them may be ready to provide a lot of viruses to your computer. So, avoiding downloading files which are not safe.
  7. Scan viruses for files before using them: When you are using a disc or flash memory to share information from one computer to other it is very important to follow this process which will prevent infection for any new files on your computer.
  8. Do not automatically open any attachments in your computer: You have to be sure that your email program does not automatically download any attachments. You have to scan all the attachments before you download them.
  9. Get immediate protection: You have to be sure that your anti-virus software will run automatically when you are using your computer.
  10. Never boot from an unknown CD: Mainly viruses are transmitted from the data CD’s. After you use a data CD, remove it immediately when you shut down your system or the computer may automatically try to boot from the disc and may install many bad programs in your system.

I hope all above computer tips will help you to understand how  to be safe when you are online.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal

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