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Top 10 Post Penguin Link Building Strategies

I am going to discuss some of the most powerful, safe and exciting Post Penguin Link Building methods which will be used in 2013 and onwards. Nowadays SEO has become quite a myth as different companies and individuals have abused the thoughts and the lack of knowledge of the people and somewhat they just lied to get hold in business. And fortunately it is getting more and tougher for lies of such the companies to stick.


This article is just not about the link building strategies and tactics but also about building professional relationships regarding your product or service, because the strategies I am going to discuss will not work unless you use them to develop business relationships. So, let’s just dive in straight to the main points of Post Penguin Link Building.

Guest Posting

Guest posting/Guest blogging is a really cool stuff which has been one of the most influential off-page SEO strategies for promoting brand and products alongside building relationships with the clients but recently there has been a rumor around that it has reached its last.

The recent crackdown on guest posting of Google will not be a problem unless you publish some rubbish contents or in some low quality sites. The simple motto should be “Give your best to the best” regarding guest posting.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting may not be that much useful if you consider it as a link building strategy but it is very much able to build relationships with your targeted professional people. There are a few rules to be maintained:-

  • Direct your comments to the author of the post.
  • Write relevant and valuable comments only.
  • Always be nice and gentle.
  • Give replies and be a part of a discussion.

If you follow these rules, this can be a useful link building tactic for you.

Social Media

You may have already seen a service which excretes a load of social media bookmarks onto your site. Some of them are actually horrible with full of shocking links. But if you really going to establish your services to your target audience then social media can be a very useful platform for building relationships.

You will be able to build your authority within your niche and drive traffic to your site. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest are some of the social media by which you can engage with your audience and showcase your products.

Link Out To Other Blogs

If you are looking for some quick links then it is not the best thing that you should do for link building. You can link out other bloggers/blogs in any post you write but there are specific types of posts that tend to work better than the most others. These can be about Interviews or Q&A’s, list of products, list of bloggers, round up posts etc. They provide extremely valuable and perceptive content.

Broken Link Building

This is an incredibly strong link building strategy. You will find pages relevant to your site whose links are broken. In this case you can directly contact the owner of the site and ask them to link it up with your website.

Thus you can go a step further by running a back link checker (Majestic SEO) to find other pages of the broken link and carry out the same process.

Get Links with Images

If you have a blog which is visually oriented and full of images then the chances are there that someone somewhere is using your images on their own website. An effective link building strategy will offer you a brilliant opportunity to take advantage on this but you may have to face some copyright issues in this matter.

You can have the image credit by simply send an email to them for your blog. Though some will say no but it will be difficult for someone to say no who is using your content.

Competitor Links

The main purpose of this strategy is to find out the competitor links by running a back link checker like Majestic SEO or Ahrefs. You may get a few options for this but the recommended way is to get your links exported to a CSV or excel file so you can organize your data, or you can create a Google custom search engine to personalize your searches for linking tactics.

Launch a Blogging Contest

The idea here is to declare out some prizes for the service providers to bring them under your niche to testify whether they want to donate some extra visibility or not. This contest will definitely have a huge impact on your site.

Write down the contest rules which will be about your own blog posts or a particular post of yours. Post the contest information to the bloggers within your niche and start to build a relationship with them.

Brand mentions

In most of the cases you will get to see the name of the author of a blog or a particular article, this will give you opportunity to go straight for the link. I will suggest you not to go and ask them directly for the link but after by all possible ways building up a relationship with the blog owner. Different social mediums will help you in this matter. Once you are done with building the rapport, and then go for the link.

Building Links with Tynts

This is one of the best possible ideas to build a relationship and also get rewarded for your content. If you have ever tried to copy and paste contents from any quote based websites to your twitter or Facebook accounts then you will know how useful the idea is. Tynt will give you chance to select your websites you want to get attached, and it is for free.

Share more Post Penguin Link Building tips with us via comments below.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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