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Top 10 Unique Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs

Bloggers always want to see their blogs much popular. Optimizing a blog is not different from optimizing the website. Blog post is optimized in almost similar way as we optimized the web pages. But the results of the optimization depend upon the blogging service and the software used. You can make your page higher ranked in the search engine by following some simple rules. In this article we will discuss some points which can be helpful for you in the search engine optimization of your blog.

1. Primary keywords should be used in blog domain META
Either you have purchased your own domain or you are using some blogging service, you should try to use the primary keyword in your domain. For example, if you want to do optimization for the word “food” then it is recommended that you use “food” in your domain name. If the blog is about Medifast and Nutrisystem coupons, the domain should convey the niche of the blog.

2. Secondary keywords should be used in post body
The secondary keyword must be used frequently in the body of the post. But be careful not to use these words too much otherwise the post will look unnatural or odd.

3. Submit blog article / blog links to link directories
There are many directories available and many of them offer free submission. It is best to submit your links on these sites with appropriate keywords.

4. Gain links from other sites and blogs
The best way is to comment onto the posts in other blogs. It may also provide backlinks for your blog. You may also submit links to other sites and blogs and may get higher rankings in search engines.

5. Keyword rich content is useful
Find the keyword for your post which you think that will be highly ranked by Google. Do not select too many keywords but concentrate on the rich content. Keep in mind that what would people may search so that they can find your post. Select the keyword by thinking upon all these aspects.

6. Keywords in image tag can help you get a lot of image traffic
Include the keywords in the tag of the image. It will do really good for the search engine optimization of your blog. Include keywords in Meta tags.

7. One Post = One Topic
Search engine prefers tightly focused theme. Do not write too long post in which you would cover too many topics. It is the best idea that you should break the post in different small and highly focused posts.

8. Frequent updates will help you get a lot of traffic
You should update your blog frequently. Search engine likes the fresh content. Try to publish maximum posts so that your blog may become highly ranked.

9. Plagiarism isn’t the way!
You should not duplicate contents from other sites or sources in your post. Same content should not be present on multiple pages either you own all these pages or some other person owns them. Plagiarism is highly disliked.

10. Stay On One Side
Once you have created your blog, do not change your domain name or the host server. Try to stick to the one otherwise many problems may occur. In such case, you will have to properly update all of your previous post which becomes too tough and tedious work to do.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal

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