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Top 5 Mobile Trading Apps

If you are a binary options trader, placing the trades at the right time is very important to get high profits. But in real life it is difficult to always keep track of time and sit in front of the computer as you will be busy with so many other activities.

Mobile Trading

You might go home and login to your laptop to find that you have missed an amazing trade opportunity. You might be waiting for your bus for long time and lose a lot of time during traveling which you could have rather spent to analyze the market and place some important trades.

With advent of mobile trading apps for different platforms like Android tablets and smart phones, iPhones etc. you can trade anytime from any place.

With powerful and advanced mobile apps, trading binary options on the go has become possible for all the investors and has made their life easy. You can trade while you are commuting or waiting for the bus at the bus station, while you are having lunch or when you are in bed. Many of the binary options brokers offer Mobile Apps for trading which are custom made to suit their product. Some of the popular mobile trading apps for binary options are,

Master Option – Binary Options

Master option is the world leader for binary options and it allows you trade anywhere and keeps you updated on latest market trends without wasting even a single minute. You can download this App for free from Google play and it has an extremely user-friendly interface which is suitable for beginners.

They provide up to 90% payout for each trade and allow users to trade on various assets like commodities, currency pairs, indices and stocks. Also you can get access wide variety of financial instruments such as Long/Short term, pair trading, one touch and High/Low options.

For beginners they offer educational tools to improve their trading skills. The App is highly secure and reliable which makes it safer to use compared to other platforms.

Banc De Binary

It is another popular Mobile trading app which offers the traders as high as 800% returns on stock options, commodities like Oil and Gold, forex options and Index option.

The App is very user-friendly and provides live news feeds and graphs from Thompson Reuters. It is only licensed binary options platform with insurance from Lloyd’s Syndicate. You also get access to wide range of training videos and tutorials. It is easy to setup an account through this broker and you can get live customer support on 24/7 basis.


This broker provides almost 71-85% profit for each binary option trade and also provides beginners with various educations resources to understand the market. This App is supported for both iPhone and Android platform.

It does not require you to download an App and you just have to open their mobile based website in your phone. You just have to login through their mobile platform which has all the features of their standard website.


It is an interesting App which allows you to gain profits by speculating on relative performance of stocks and also by trading High/Low on binary options. If you are able understand the market trends well and able to predict the future movement of stocks, you can get profits up to 80% by trading with this platform.


They have introduced mobile platform very recently to improve their customer experience and they support both Android and iOS platforms. They have all the features of a professional broker service including live support, user-friendly interface, trading options with different underlying assets, multi-lingual support and useful training materials for beginners.

Vishal Gaikar

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