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Top 5 Paid iPhone Apps for Kids and Parents

Many iPhone apps are readily available at App Store to assist your child learn new things, check funny family apps and read interactive ebooks. But, how to pick the best iPhone apps for family and small kids from thousands of popular apps at App Store? Don’t worry I have short-listed some of the best iPhone kids and family apps that you can test on your devices.

Here, I am listing top 5 iPhone apps for kids and family to keep them busy all the time with latest family friendly apps.

1) Talking Baby Hippo

Many kids who are extremely familiar with Talking Tom Cat are going to love this Talking Baby Hippo 3D character on their iPhones. This cute iPhone app repeats each and everything a user says in a funny baby voice. Talking Baby Hippo is suitable for all kids aged between 2 to 7 and also each and every family members who are young at heart. This tiny app features entertaining animations, speech detection, funny gestures as well as support video recording and sharing to social networking sites. Kids can poke the baby hippo, ask the hippo to blow a balloon, tickle and feed carrots to it. Version 1.2 of this app has new features and latest updates.

Price at App Store: £0.69.  | iPhone OS: iOS 3.0 or later versions.

2) Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham, a top-selling children’s book are now available for iPhone lovers in the digital version. The digital version looks remarkably similar to the printed book version, and kids can easily scroll through pages with a simple touch. Its a top educational app for kids and family. This digital book is going to present an incredible reading experience to the iPhone users. Kids can read this digital book in a traditional form or else listen to the narrated story. To make your task simpler, this app has an “Auto Play” feature that automatically turn the pages and play like a movie, perfect for little kids. New version 1.09 has minor bug fixes.

Price at App Store: £2.49 | iPhone OS: iOS 3.1 or later.

3) Word Wagon

Word Wagon is spelling, and phonic app carefully designed for kids and beginners. Watch Mozzarella and his best friend, Coco playing with words, phonics and letters in this cute iPhone app. Word wagon has 4 levels and include 103 words from 7 different categories. The educational content provided in this app is easy to grasp for the kids. Latest Word Wagon version 1.0.4 has minor tweaks.

Price at App Store: £1.49 | iPhone OS: iOS 3.1.2 or later.

4) Fish School

Kids love to play with attractive schools of fish, which instantly transform themselves into magical shapes, letters and more. This little iPhone app has 8 educational, fun activities: Playtime, Matching, Colours, Shapes, Numbers, Differences, ABC Songs and Letters. Hold a fish and watch it grow bigger or simply drag a fish to see it moving on your colourful iPhone screen. Version 1.0.6 of Fish School has minor tweaks.

Price at App Store: £1.49 | iPhone OS: iOS 3.0 or later.

5) Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald is a fun interactive book for kids and parents. This app includes creative interactions, rich illustrations and live music. This tiny app includes 12 pages of interactive content with more than 35 fun-oriented activities to engage your kids. Old MacDonald is an excellent iPhone application that allows you to record your children’s songs, listen to music played on kazoo, cello, violin and piano. Old MacDonald’s latest version 1.0.8 has small updates.

Price at App Store: £1.49 | iPhone OS: iOS 3.0 or later versions.

If you like my apps review, share your thoughts and any valuable suggestions in the comments section.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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