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Top 10 Best Google Chrome extensions for social networking fans

Since the birth of social networks began to develop applications (and, in this case, Google Chrome Extensions) designed to optimize our performance within them. Something for everyone: those that do more to business, with the purpose of personal enjoyment, and sometimes we wonder much to serve. As for Google’s browser extensions, many of which are replicates of web or desktop applications that make our lives easier when they are directly installed in Chrome.

We have compiled a list of which we found the top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for heavy users of social networks, workers in the area of social media and finally, fans of Facebook, Twitter, and all of litter products online allow us to stay connected with our friends. As always, we are more than welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments.

Buffer: This application can be considered ideal for those who love to share links, but have no desire to read the updates of their contacts. With Buffer tweets can be programmed to come out in certain times, you can assign team members, and you can tweet directly from a link without logging in to Twitter or a Twitter client. : sometimes, to shorten a URL, it may be a bit cumbersome having to open a new tab or new window Chrome, use the shortening that usually use, then just do a tweet. To extension, we will have a button beside the address bar that automatically shortens the URL and copy it to already have everything ready to tweet.

Silver Bird: The updated and improved version of that wonderful Google chrome extension called Chromed Bird, Silver Bird allows us to read our contact Twitter directly from the browser, either updates as well as lists and profiles. And of course, we can tweet without problems without having to open a new tab. Although it looks very attractive at a time, takes up little space and is a very efficient .

Google Reader Notifier: In theory, an RSS feed reader is not a social network, but it is a tool used by many people to learn quickly and share the news. With this Google chrome extensions, next to the address bar will see an icon which will show the number of unread items in Google Reader have today. When we click on the icon, these new elements will be detailed and clicking to read in full.

Facebook Notifications: one of the official Google chrome extensions for Chrome Facebook shows in real time what is happening on our Facebook page. We see the “Like” and comments in our updates, invitations to events, updates on the groups in which we participate, friend requests, new messages, and other notifications and known by mortals.

Dislike Button: one of the most important orders have been intensive users of Facebook is the button “No Me Gusta.” Of course, the positivity of Mark Zuckerberg has not been echoed these demands, but other developers do, and the Chrome Store can find a wide range of options to change the Like button for several things . The “Dislike” is the most sober and standard, but can find several.

Classic Facebook: do not you think the latest version of Facebook? Not a matter of concern. The developer Michael Donohoe has created an Google chrome extensions that allows us to remove you the news ticker and organization algorithm Facebook to return to the old days where we understood a little better how the social network.

Shareaholic: for true “addicts to share”, this Google chrome extensions allows you to share all types of content across a wide range of social services, not just Facebook and Twitter. Also, Shareaholic provides us with a good deal of analytical to see how they are performing the shared content on the Internet.

Google +: the official application for Google + Chrome , I could not miss, opened a small branch of the brand new Google social network in your browser. With it, we review our circles, sharing, arrange Meetups and even play the games. Upgrades to Plus not met too fast, but also arrive.

HootSuite / TweetDeck: Twitter clients a little more sophisticated that Silver Bird, with more features, the ability to schedule tweets to go in the near future, multiple managed accounts at a time, team members to jointly manage a single account , different skins to give a different look to what we do in social networks, and, of course, support for the network not only of the bird but also Facebook, LinkedIn, and a wide variety of social services.

Also you can findout more Google Chrome Extensions at Chrome Web Store

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