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Top Five Parking Apps for City Drivers

Every driver knows what a pain car parking can be. Outside of the city, car parking is not a problem: you can park on the street or find a quiet spot close to where you need to be. In the city, however, there are millions of people all competing for the same car parking spaces, so during busy times (i.e. when you need to find a parking spot before work), it can turn into a massive bun fight.

parking apps

Thankfully modern technology can help in this regard. There are apps available to help drivers find and reserve suitable car parking spaces in the area they need to be. Obviously if you are staying in an expensive hotel for the weekend you will be able to take advantage of valet equipment and leave your keys in the hotel’s valet box, but if you are not so lucky, check out the following apps.


The BestParking app is one of the most popular parking apps and has been positively reviewed by a number of major news outlets. The app covers 105 cities across North America, locating the best car parking spots and sorting them according to price.

Best Parking

So if you are looking for the cheapest parking spaces for your shopping trip into the city, this is the app to download. BestParking also covers 115 airports.


Park Me

The ParkMe app covers more than 84,000 locations across 64 countries, so it is ideal for global travelers who prefer to hire cars rather than use cabs or public transport. The app compares parking places and checks current availability. You can even use the ParkMe app to reserve your favorite space for up to two weeks before you arrive.


The Parker app gives users comprehensive information on available car parking spaces, how much they cost, and when the car park is open. The app covers more than 24,000 parking lots and indoor garages, and thanks to in-built GPS, the app will even guide you there. Once you have found your perfect parking spot, the app starts a timer to help you avoid any nasty parking tickets.

AA Parking

The AA Parking app isn’t free, but it is a top choice for UK drivers and anyone visiting the UK on vacation. The AA Parking app helps you find parking spaces in residential areas, including private parking bays and spots on the side of the road. The app can’t tell you whether the parking spaces are available, but it will prevent you from driving around aimlessly.

Airport Parking Reservations

Airport parking can be notoriously expensive, so anything than gives you a decent discount is worth looking at. The Airport Parking Reservations app covers airport car parks in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. You can also use its sister app to locate hotel rooms adjacent to the airport, many of which offer free car parking for airport travelers.

Car parking doesn’t need to be hard when you download one of these apps. With a bit of advanced planning, you should be able to cruise into a prime parking space with the minimum of effort.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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