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5 Useful Chrome Extensions For Facebook Users

If you’re addicted to the popular social media Facebook and like to keep track of all notifications, news, photos etc, these Chrome extensions for Facebook will be very useful, as long as your favorite browser is Chrome.

Notifications on Facebook

If you are always changing tab to see if you have new notifications or messages, this chrome extension for facebook will be helpful. Facebook notifications in a Chrome extension that plugs into your facebook and keeps you updated on what’s happening in your facebook account even when you are on the other tabs in the browser. You can see who likes your posts and comments, events and sent you a friend request.

The extension includes a small button in Chrome, which keeps you constantly informed of your Facebook account. Update your facebook status on a small popup window where you can see your notifications.

FB Photo Zoom

Now that there are many groups where up funny images or any organization, it is very annoying to have to take a look ugly having to open the image viewer facebook.

FB Photo Zoom is a simple extension that lets you view images in large images of albums, just put the cursor over it.

Facebook Ads Hider

Facebook ads are annoying. Only clutter the page and they get everywhere. Facebook Ads Hider is a Chrome extension for hiding the ads and see facebook makes cleaner. Just install the extension and you’re ready.

Facebook Chat Smiley

If you like to send your faces on facebook chat conversations, but do not know the key combination to each of them, Facebook Chat Smiley helps a lot. The extension adds a bar of each window faces up in conversation you have facebook, so just click on the face give and go.


Many applications ask for permissions to your facebook account to be used. Many of these permissions can cause problems, that is why we reject some permits are required. fPrivacity lets you select whether you want to give privileges to a particular application. After entering a page where you ask for privileges, a bar appears at the top of the page to mention to each of the required permits, with a checkbox. You just have to uncheck the permission granted and do not want to go.

If you are using much better extensions that above mentioned ones, feel free to comment below.

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