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Verizon to Debut Android Smartphones that Supports 4G Technology

Verizon Wireless is about to launch its 4G wireless network technology at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in  city Las Vegas. Verizon will formally announce the launch of several new 4G wireless products here. This new product list includes at least four handsets and a tablet PC. All of them are using Google’s Android operating system. According to The Wall Street Journal’s recent report Verizon will announce 4G smart phones from Samsung Electronics, Motorola, HTC, and LG Electronics.

CNET’s Android Atlas had given the hints of this entire event beforehand. Last month there was intimation about this announcement of dual core LG smartphones and the HTC Thunderbolt at CES. Both these smart phones are LTE-ready. It is further estimated that Motorola will announce the Honeycomb tablet PC very soon. These are all expected to run on Verizon’s 4G networks.

The surprise continues as all these new devices are reported to use the Google Android operating system. It indicates a strong tie up between Verizon Wireless and Google. Repeated rumours are there that Verizon will soon get a version of iPhones which are so far monopoly of AT&T. There have been speculations that Verizon may declare the new Verizon iPhone at the forthcoming CES as well.

The exact time when these Android 4G smartphones will hit the market is yet to be confirmed. On the one hand Wall Street Journal cited 4G handsets won’t be available until midyear; on the other hand Verizon Chief Operating Officer Lowell McAdam suggested that 4G handsets would be on store by the end of the first quarter of 2011.

It is expected 4G smart phones will face sheer competition from Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA, as they also claim to offer some new 4G products soon. However in terms of pace and swiftness Verizon’s LTE service is way ahead. It’s average download speeds varies between 5 megabits and 12Mbps per second while in case of Sprint’s WiMax network it is 3Mbps to 6Mbps and in T-Mobile USA, which is using HSPA+ technology, it is between 3Mbps and 7Mbps. Sprint has been a great hit with its first 4G device, HTC Evo, which was introduced in mid-2010. It was the first one to provide consumers a 4G experience on a mobile handset. It has also introduced its second 4G smartphone later in the year. The Mobile currently has two “4G” phones on the market: the ‘G2’ and the ‘my Touch’.

All these new ventures are a constant threat for Verizon. However with 110 million potential subscribers in 38 markets, it is hopefully expected that Verizon would be unbeatable. The market of 4 G is perhaps smaller in comparison to its huge potential. Consumers keep on demanding faster networks to surf the mobile Wed, download more applications and a rich media service.

To cap it all they want all these features on their new smart phones. Therefore all the fans of Verizon can keep the fingers crossed for these new 4G smart phones which promise to fulfill all these consumer’s demands pretty satisfactorily.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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