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Walkie Talkies for Small Farms

Just because you aren’t an agriculture conglomerate, you still have communication needs while caring for the livestock or cultivating your crops. Fortunately, even when cell phone signals are sparse and weak, you still have an option via farming walkie talkies.

walkie talkies for small farm

Higher powered than a child’s toy, these hand-held communication tools offer greater range and solid signals more often than line-of-sight-only gadgets. Your farm’s topography is probably not completely level.

You might have a hefty barn or a grain silo sitting between your farmhouse and your field. Perhaps a water tank sits along the top of a culvert where a calf is stuck in the mud.

Considering the details of the environment, you might or might not get a cell signal through to summon help if needed. A pair of family radio service (FRS) walkie-talkies or similar General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) devices may suffice with few problems.

Depending on the model and power it possesses, FMS or GMRS hand-helds have been known to transmit a distance of two miles and longer and still provide an understandable signal for the receiver.

Get the power you need in the device that suits you, but don’t eliminate the farming walkie-talkie, thinking they are like the children’s toys. Communicate when you have to, not just when you want to.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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