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Wenzani: A Personalized Travel Guide for IOS

Wenzani is a very good option for those residents or visitors of a city who want to look for a plan original or a good restaurant, and that the application can be traced from the best restaurants, best bars and nightclubs and the best places to buy up more plans recommended to do in the city at that time.

Wenzani call a personalized travel guide because you can go to the travel experts you want, BBC Travel, TimeOut, Lonely Planet … Also, the application is in beta and in the process of implementing that at all times take into account the present situation, such as the weather conditions (ie, if the weather is rainy Wenzani do not recommend attending an event on the beach) or the time it’s in your city if you are a new resident.

The sites and events in the application can be searched by category, and all will be deployed using GPS to shorten the search: first show you that you are closer to optimize your stay. When you visit a restaurant, bar, etc., and especially you enjoyed it you can share on social networks and recommendations from the same application.

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