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Where Did Siri Get Its Name?

The new Apple iPhone digital assistant Siri is the best part of the change from the iPhone 4 to 4S. But did you know where Apple got the name for their new mechanical servant? Here is the background behind the name of Siri used for this iPhone 4S worker.

Some Siri Trivia 

First off, the company that Apple bought to produce the Siri feature on their smartphone was itself named Siri. Do not worry though, as this article is going to go deeper into it than that. Siri produced an app that was in the iTunes store for a bit until Apple decided they wanted it for themselves. After assimilating it, they kept the name, Siri. The company themselves is based in San Jose, California. The actual historical meaning of the name is more interesting.

Siri Is Named After A Woman Of The North 

The person who created Siri is a Norwegian named Dag Kittlaus. The word Siri is a common name in his culture for women. It actually is a shorter form of the name Sigrid. The name has novelty for the Western world because this name, especially the shorter form of it, is practically nonexistant. What does Sigrid mean in every day language? It means “a beautiful victory” or “a great victory”. Is this going to be significant for the future of the feature in the Apple iPhone 4S and future iPhones? The “people of the North”, another word for the Nordic people, have certainly had plenty of victories in human history.

Humans Like Giving Names To Machines 

Siri is not the only popular mechanical creation to bear a human’s name of course. Others have come before, but were included in science fiction. If you are old enough to remember “2001, A Space Odyssey” you are familiar with “HAL”, another machine that worked on artificial intelligence, just like Siri. The Siri difference is that the major portion of the intelligence is online in Apple servers. The iPhone 4S itself acts like a microphone and speaker for Siri, while the hard part is done off in a server somewhere.

Siri Is Just Beginning 

Not many know that Siri is still in beta. If it does not work quite right, it is because it is still in the early stages of growth. Gladly, more plans are in the works to use Siri for television control and other projects. Imagine not needing a remote control any longer, all because of Siri. Developers are already using Siri in jailbroken iPhones to do some interesting things. Look for much more from this Nordic digital assistant, since many people are saying she represents the future of computing.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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