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Windows 8 Arrives in October

Windows 8 is definitely one of the things we hope for this year. According to a recent report, Microsoft would be ready to launch the new version of the popular operating system in the world in October. Less than a month after the launch of the Consumer Preview, which managed more than a million downloads in 24 hours , the company could organize an event in April where he will announce the official launch date of Windows 8.

The information was published by Bloomberg, who also said that this new OS will be available for Intel and ARM processors. More than 40 devices from Intel are also eligible for the first time, and less than five in the case of ARM. In the next event, Microsoft announced not only the release date of its new operating system but also the details of marketing.

Why October? Because it is the last date that has Microsoft if you want the tablet manufacturers can start selling products with Windows 8 in late 2012. A recent report also indicates that Lenovo is in plans to launch a tablet with this operating system in October this year.

In the ConsumerPreview, we see that Windows 8 is an operating system designed to run on any device, from PCs to tablets Metro interface does make us feel closer to that of Windows Phone Windows 7, and brings us ease of applications through drawers in the desk (among other things).

Windows 8 Debutes in October(Boomberg)

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