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Windows 8: The Good And The Bad

Windows 8 can be called as the next version of operating system of Windows family developed by Microsoft. Windows 8 was discussed in the Microsoft’s Build Windows Conference in California last month. The Windows 8 resemble with the earlier version of 7- more to be used for the touch interface users, where you do not require any mouse, keyboard or pen input.

Though its official launch is still to be announced by Microsoft, however, the media is seen speculating about the product to be launched by the end of 2012. Based on the discussion and debates about Windows 8, let’s discuss about the good and bad aspects of this forthcoming product.

The good about Windows 8

The good about Windows 8 is the capacity to configure your computer to a Windows Live ID or any local login. This therefore renders you additional steady user experience found over the devices across you, and also can be discovered the same between a mobile device and PC applications.

Thus these windows setting which are used often can be shifted to the sessions over the Windows Live ID with pre settings and metro type of applications. In this way you can carry the credentials to any PC you connect to access any application of website requiring username and password.

The other goods about Windows 8

These include a couple of changes in which the explorer works. This has become pretty easy to operate due to the presence of user interface. Consequently, you can have access to other fun factors like the new look of the Internet Explorer (IE 10) which is termed as ‘metro look’. Here you get an extra support for HTML5, where the rating lands ranging 300-450 which was recorded as 141 in the earlier version of IE9 and also gives a competition to other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla etc.

The option- ‘Refresh your PC’ promises to restore your current setting back to the factor settings, which is usually a right choice when you want to sale off your PC. Moreover, you have the provision of configuring refresh points which can be stored to the point in time snapshots of your personal computer.

The bad about Windows 8

Most of the critics dislike the idea of integrating the PC and tablet as people like to use the two in a separate fashion. And since the Metro UI is not an application, it’s a windows 8 shell, so it comes with a locked option. This means you cannot try to decouple them from the windows. A couple of people would have problem using the touch screen as they prefer using the traditional ways of operating the windows.

Microsoft has integrated an anti virus with windows called Microsoft Security Essentials. Though it proves good to certain extent, however, it is seen as a bad factor for many. The reasons includes, that this antivirus is not fully competent to avert the threat the user encounter while browsing the internet. Hence they need to install additional tool to shield their computers. Secondly, to replace the existing antivirus is a difficult task, since it cannot be removed completely. Therefore things can go worse trying this exercise.

Final word about windows 8

Despite all the criticisms, Windows 8 is still exciting option to try over your computer or iPad. While you look at Windows 8, you can see home screen scattered with big, touchable panels, similarly the way you will find in the tiles in Windows Phone 7. From here you can just tap and swipe the way you want to the other applications which are touch based too.

And as you explore further you will discover the same old windows, with the same task bar, app icons, file manager and everything which we already have on our previous windows.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal

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